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Dodge Challenger Splash Guards and Mud Flaps

Dodge Challenger splash guards and mud flaps offer protection to from different elements while youre behind the wheel. Varying designs, materials, and textures provide many different options. Different models of splash guards and mud flaps accommodate a variety of driving terrains and fits many style preferences.

What styles of splash guards and mud flaps are available?

Some styles of Dodge Challenger mud flaps and splash guards offer universal fits while others are made specifically for a particular vehicle year. Some feature decals, cartoons, or other images on the backs of flaps so that they are visible to other motorists while others are solid-colored, typically black. Some guards have metal or venting included so that the vehicle can withstand difficult terrain and rocks in addition to mud and water. Some guards are specifically made for road and highway driving while others are built to accommodate especially messy conditions.

What is the purpose of splash guards and mud flaps?

You can mount these products on the backs of Dodge Challenger tires to minimize the spray of elements like water, snow, rocks, and mud onto the rest of the car. This protects the vehicle’s paint job and keeps your car a bit cleaner for longer. Although it may be simple enough to wash a Dodge vehicle, some conditions make it difficult. Particularly winter conditions, these elements can quickly harden or freeze onto the side of a vehicle, making it so that it’ll take even more effort to remove.

What materials are Dodge splash guards made of?

Splash guards are made from a variety of textiles and materials. Rubber and similar materials are most commonly used because they are easy to clean, durable, and long-lasting. Some models are entirely made from different types of metal or from both rubber and metal combined. Different colors of composites may also be featured in Dodge Challenger splash guard construction.

How do you care for splash guards and mud flaps?

An automatic or touchless car wash is an appropriate way to clean Dodge Challenger mud flaps and splash protectors. The cycle cleans under the car and is likely to free all the accumulated dirt from the guards and protectors. Between washes, they can be cleaned separately, buy wiping them down with a dry utility cloth to free loose dirt and debris. To wipe away mud or other, trickier substances, wet the cloth in warm water and mix with gentle soap. Scrub the flaps until they are clean. Alternatively you could use a pressure washer to spray them clean.