Sony Handycam Camcorders

Selecting the Right Sony Handycam for Your Videos

Sony Handycams are portable cameras that allow you to capture high-definition videos and create movies that can be operated with just one hand. These camcorders offer a variety of media types for you to shoot and capture, allowing you to record in your preferred style and image quality. These new and preowned video cameras are also available in many different colors on eBay from standard black and silver to blue and red.

What are the different types of Sony Handycams?

There are three types of Handycam devices available on eBay, and each one comes with a wide array of different models and price points.

  • Helmet/action: A helmet/action video camera is one that attaches to your helmet and is used when you are zooming around on a dirt bike, motorcycle, your skis, or your snowboard, to name a few. This type, such as the Sony FDR-X3000 action camera, provides you with a first-person point of view. It also lets you keep your hands completely free, which means you dont need to control the device.
  • Pocket: These Sony tapeless camcorders, like the Sony CX405 with the Exmor R CMOS sensor, can be carried around in your pocket. They use internal memory cards to hold the recordings you capture. These devices typically only weigh less than half a pound, which makes them highly portable.
  • Professional: Professional Sony Handycam devices, such as the Sony Pxwz150 4k hand-held XDCAM, offer digital features and a plethora of settings. These devices typically record in full HD resolution and offer high-tech settings like continuous shooting modes and SteadyShot.
What are the different media formats?

When youre selecting one of these devices, there are many different media formats in which you can capture and record video. Formats include MiniDV, microSD, SDHC, HDD, memory stick Pro Duo, and Video8. When choosing a device, the media type indicates what file the video is made into once youve captured it and what type of device the recording can be transferred to once youve finished. For instance, Hi8 is an analog video and audio format that can be transferred to a VCR or DVD recorder while microSD is a removable flash memory card that allows recordings to be saved and transferred to a computer.

When storing your footage, you can opt for three different choices. Internal storage camcorders provide internal memory like SSD and HDD while removable storage camcorders need a camera, disc, or tape. The third type of storage provides both internal and removable storage types.

What type of video resolutions are available with Sony Handycam?

When selecting a Sony Handycam, there are three basic video footage resolutions that you can choose. These include standard definition, high definition, and ultra-high definition. Within these groups, there can be several different resolutions in which your camcorder can shoot. For instance, standard resolution is defined by any resolution below 720p while high definition typically refers to anything between 720p and 1080p. A full-HD Handycam is one that records in 1080p. As for ultra-high definition playback, these devices can capture movies and films at 4K or 8K resolution, which is display at 2160p or 4360p, respectively. Higher resolution results in clearer images.

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