Socket AM2 4 Core Computer CPU/procesadores

CPU Processor Products With Socket AM2 Quad-Core Hardware

CPU Socket AM2 processors are components that are designed with many circuits. The circuitry components activate when instructions are issued to various hardware pieces while a computer is operated. Quad core offers the traditional design elements; however, the upgraded hardware give users more advantages when demanding applications are used.

What is a quad core?

A quad core is a chip that runs by relying on four cores with independent functions. When these cores read and execute commands, they don't use a lot of processing power because the independent design enhances key operational tasks that involve memory management, cache, and I/O ports. This is possible since each chip has hardware that operates in conjunction with the circuits that power these CPU tools.

What are the processor options?

Many products with quad-core technology have hardware that's developed by a certain brand. Most brands develop key technology in order to enhance how a CPU handles various functions and system tasks. The main processor options are:

  • Athlon II: An Athlon II chip can help a computer produce HD graphics. Because the hardware is fast, it also gives a computer practical multi-tasking capabilities. These processors are very powerful; however, they don't use a lot of electricity to implement processing procedures since the hardware is energy efficient.
  • Phenom: Phenom options are designed for desktop devices. These products have 64-bit graphics hardware and 65 nm chip.
  • Phenom II: Phenom II hardware is built with an AMD chipset. This chipset helps the processor run applications that have HD graphics. High-definition effects that are processed by this chip are crisp because the processor supports Radeon HD 5800 series hardware.
  • Xeon: Xeons are x86 microprocessors by Intel. These pieces can be used with workstation systems and traditional computer hardware.

What are the clock speeds and bus speeds?

Processor products that operate at practical speeds have a clock speed of 1.5 GHz to 1.99 GHz. Some products also have average clock speeds in the 2 GHz range. The highest mid-range options operates at 2.49 to 2.99 GHz. CPU products that function very quickly throughout the most demanding operational situations have a clock speed of 3 GHz to 3.5 GHz.All products have a specific bus speed that impacts performance. The lowest bus speed for a processor is within a 500 MHz range, and the fastest accessories are designed with bus speed hardware that can reach 4000 MHz. Bus hardware that gives CPU units average speeds range from 600 to 2000 MHz.