Snowmobile Jackets & Suits

Before you purchase snowmobile jackets, you need to think about the kinds of weather that occur where you will be riding. Casual riders who only ride when the weather is pleasant dont need the same type of coat that die-hard riders who ride when its the temperature is down below freezing do. There are so many choices on the market that you are sure to find the one that fits your needs. Unisex styles are available, which are perfect for kids who grow out of the jacket each season. With a unisex jacket, you can easily pass it down to the next child.

Suit Up and Head Outside
Snowmobile suits are a great place to start. The one piece suit keeps you dry and comfortable all day. If you prefer to go with a two-piece outfit, then bib style pants is a great option. Bibs give you extra coverage on your chest to help keep your core temperature warm. Another bonus to this style suit is that once you place your jacket over it, you dont have to worry about snow getting under the suit and making you cold. Add a pop of color to your clothing. Red to black, pink to blue, and everything in between is available on snowmobile clothing.

Gear Up
Along with your outerwear, you need to include all the snowmobile gear required to stay warm on cold days. You need warm gloves, goggles, winter socks, and waterproof boots paired with your jacket. In addition, a helmet is a must to keep you safe and protected as you ride across the snow. 

Three layers
To keep warm, you need to layer your snowmobile clothing. The base layer needs to be breathable, and the middle one should be insulated to hold the heat in and keep your body warm. The outer layer (jacket and pants), need to be waterproof in order to prevent the snow from melting and seeping in between the layers. As stated above, the type of jacket you need depends on the weather. Snowmobile jackets are available either in insulated or non-insulated styles. Features to look for include ventilation openings under the armpits and solid seams that are strong.