Ski-Doo Snowmobile Jackets and Suits 

Ski-Doo boasts that they are the number one brand of snowmobiles in the world, but the company is so much more than a snowmobile manufacturer. The brand offers fans of the outdoors clothing, riding gear, and protective gear to keep you warm and safe while playing outside in the winter. For high-quality merchandise, shop the large inventory of mens, womens and youth size Ski-Doo snowmobile clothing and gear including snow jackets, gloves, pants, and helmets. From head to toe, let Ski-Doo outfit your entire family for your next snowmobiling trip.

Insulate or Not
Insulated or non-insulated Ski-Doo snowmobile jackets are great to have before you head out depending on the temperature. Just because you are riding a snowmobile doesnt mean its freezing outside so a jacket instead of a parka might be the one for you. The one thing you need to be careful of when playing in the snow is that you dont want to get too warm and start sweating. Instead you want to make sure you keep a comfortable body temperature to make the day enjoyable.

Its All About the Suit
When it comes to snowmobile clothing, there are three layers involved. The base layer maintains a comfortable body temperature, the middle layer insulates the body, and the top layer keeps the snow off you. The top layer (jacket and pants) need to be strong, tough, and above all, waterproof. You want to make sure that there is not a gap between any of your layers, so the snow stays out and away from your body. Ski-Doo snowmobile suits are designed to keep the snow out and the person wearing the suit warm

Dont Forget the Gear
Its not just about the clothing. Ski-Doo snowmobile gear is just as important. You need to keep your entire body warm, dry, comfortable, and protected. Start with your head by picking out a helmet that is your size and sits on your head perfectly. Not only does the helmet help to keep you warm, but it also protects in the event of an accident. Keep your hands warm with a pair of waterproof gloves and your feet warm with winter socks and waterproof boots.