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Sirius Portable Satellite Radios

Sirius Satellite Radio Buying Guide

Sirius satellite radio has been around now since 2008 after merging with its competitor XM satellite radio. Since then, the number of channels has grown to over 150 with commercial-free music, broadcast sports, talk, news, and comedy. The portable Sirius satellite receivers found on eBay allow for on-the-go convenience of tons of great content.

Do you need a subscription to use satellite receivers?

A Sirius XM free trial is usually available for those who have not had a previous subscription. The trials can vary in length, but they cost you nothing. Sirius does offer many different options for subscription plans to fit almost any budget, and you can try any of the plans to decide which one is best for you. Some radios may include a lifetime subscription.

Do you need a satellite radio to listen?

Traditional radios are not capable of receiving satellite broadcast signals. Some Sirius stations are now available for streaming with an app or when you go online, although the satellite receiver is still the best way to be able to listen to most of the available channels wherever you go. With a receiver, you wont need the internet to tune in.

What types of Sirius satellite receivers are available?

The types of receivers on eBay vary from small portable units that can be mounted on a home dock or units that can be used in a vehicle mounted on the dashboard. Some Sirius receivers are built into aftermarket radios that can replace your existing car radio. These units are usually rich with features and may negate the need for a separate unit. Some of the receivers you can choose from include:

  • Compact: Some radios, like the Sirius Sportster, are very compact and can be mounted in different ways depending on where you are going to use the unit.
  • Boombox: Boombox-type receivers are available and are convenient for home use. Some can be used with batteries, making them ideal for use at the beach or at a sporting event.
  • Antenna: Another option is to purchase an antenna receiver that will allow your current radio to receive satellite radio signals. It may involve some wiring knowledge and removal of the current radio.

Be mindful that some Sirius satellite radio models require specific docking types or accessories depending on where the unit is to be used. Additionally, SiriusXM models may have a different channel selection completely. You can find most available items on eBay.

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