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Your Disposable Camera Buying Guide

Sometimes people who own high-tech and valuable cameras do not want to risk taking them along if there is a chance that their cameras can be lost or damaged. For this and other reasons, there are many different disposable cameras available. On eBay, you can find a large number of affordable disposable cameras that make buying easy.

What features should disposable camera buyers consider?

Not all disposable cameras are created equal. Some of the discriminators that buyers should keep in mind may include the following:

  • Versatility - Users should try to find a disposable camera that can take pictures at both day and night and in a variety of environments.
  • Waterproof - Some disposable cameras are specifically designed for use in the water. In fact, being able to take pictures underwater is one of the main reasons why people buy disposable cameras.
  • Type of Film - Some cameras include a special color film that allows for vivid pictures. Other cameras have black and white images available.
  • Flash - Not every disposable camera comes with a flash. If a camera does not have a flash, it can only be used during the day in sunlight. Some cameras are equipped with continuous flashes that do not need to be reloaded every shot.
What are some types of disposable cameras that are available?
  • Fujifilm QuickSnap - This camera has ISO 400 film and a continuous flash. The QuickSnap feature allows you to take pictures back-to-back.
  • Lomo 400 Simple Use - While this camera is disposable, it also can be reused should you so choose. It also contains unique 400-color negative film.
  • Kodak Max 35mm Single Use Camera - This camera has 800-speed film and is able to be used in many different conditions.
  • Fujifilm Waterproof QuickSnap - This is a camera that you can bring with you to a beach vacation. It can take pictures continuously underwater.
How do disposable cameras work?

After choosing the right disposable camera for you, it is advisable to take the time to figure out how to make the most effective use of it. Shoot pictures from at least four feet away from your target. Manually engage the flash by flipping it on prior to shooting if you want to use the flash for the desired shot. Once all of the pictures on the camera have been taken, the disposable camera must be taken to be processed and developed. Some disposable cameras are reusable for a certain number of uses. If your camera is reusable and it isn't out of uses, then you'll get it back after you've developed your photos.