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Achieve the Slim PC of Your Dreams with Computer Cases

As manufacturers adapt to the growing consumer need for faster yet smaller hardware, small form factor components have populated the market. This allows computer builders to achieve small scale builds with powerful and efficient components ideal for both gaming, work, and multimedia use.

What Is a Mini-ITX Case?

  • Motherboard Size: A mini-ITX case is one that can fit a motherboard of that particular size. While it implies that it specifically takes the mini-ITX size, the class can include larger cases that can take the small motherboard but is compatible with those of larger sizes at the same time.
  • Clearance: The biggest drawback of such small cases is the potential for clearance issues. Many Silverstone cases like the Raven RVZ02 combat this by being designed in such a way that large and powerful graphics cards can still be slotted in via PCIe riser cards and extensions. This allows the 50 to 90 mm fans of the graphics card to draw air directly from outside of the case and blow it out of the back.

How Do I Pick a Mini-ITX Case?

  • Desktop Purpose: While the RVZ02 can take a reasonably wide aftermarket CPU cooler, it does not have enough clearance for water cooling systems used in more advanced gaming-focused builds. This form factor was created to allow for users to create their own small but powerful PCs for high-end gaming and multimedia. Watercooling setups with discrete coolant reservoirs, pumps, and pipes are better off using larger cases for full-sized motherboards to allow for futureproofing and high upgradeability.
  • Budget and Material: Pick a plastic case with a glossy finish if you want a sleek and modern housing for your mini custom. Some small form factor cases provide a bit of both worlds with a compact design but enough room to house basic water-cooled components, like the Silverstone DS380 with its subdued brushed aluminum body. It has 12 drive bays but no slots for optical drives.
  • Components Choice: Before picking the components to go into your build, you have to know what case you intend to use. This is to avoid clearance issues, which will completely hamper your build. Check the dimensions of the case you have your eyes on, and check for compatibility with the CPU cooler, water-cooler-radiator combo, and graphics card you want. It is also good practice to check the maximum fan size your case can accept because air pressure and circulation can make or break your build. Choosing a medium-sized case will benefit a mini-ITX motherboard with many PCIe expansion slots because it should have enough room for added PCIe components like NVMe SSDs and network cards for instance.

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