Silicona/gel/goma Estuches, fundas y cubiertas para para Apple iPod Classic

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Silicone Covers For Your Media Player

You use your iPod Classic MP3 player to provide portable audio on demand. The audio device keeps your favorite playlists in one place so you can access your tunes while driving, jogging, and waiting in line. So why not put your Apple iPod Classic in a protective silicone cover or skin so it stays in tiptop shape.

What Are Advantages of Using iPod Classic Skins Made from Silicone Rubber?

The flexible silicone material absorbs shock and resists impacts to prevent damage to both its exterior and interior components. Depending on which iPod classic skin or case you choose, ports and other connectors may be sealed to keep out dust and liquids. Furthermore, the material's rubbery texture is easier to hold onto so the MP3 player doesn't slip out of your hand. On a hot day, the material dissipates heat so the cover isn't hot to the touch. Likewise, the durable material is easy to clean. Simply wipe off its surface or remove the cover from the electronic gadget and soak it in water. 

What Are Distinctive Features of iPod Classic Silicone Skins?

  • Generation Specific: Whether your iPod generation is 5th Gen or the slightly thinner 6th Gen model, each iPod Classic case is custom-made to accommodate all seven generation designs. It's important to ensure compatibility; otherwise, your case may be useless. The menu wheel, screen display, and auxiliary button cutoffs fit models made from 2001 to 2014, at which time Apple ceased production of the media player.
  • Colors: If black is your favorite color, for instance, you can find iPod Classic cases in that color. In fact, you can look for any color to suit your tastes, whether its white, red, or a multi-colored floral design.
  • Appearance: Skins are lightweight and give your player a sleek profile because it wraps tightly around the gadget. 

What Are Some Helpful Tips on Using MP3 Player Skins?

Cases accommodate lanyards so you can keep your iPod from falling to the ground. Wear it around your neck to keep your precious device close at hand and protected. Moreover, some covers have a detachable belt clip. You can wear the device on your belt one day or carry the audio gadget in a purse or pocket the next. If you walk, jog or work out at the gym, place your iPod in an armband so it's easily accessible and keeps your hands free while exercising.