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What to Consider When Selecting a Sigma Camera Lens for Your PENTAX Camera

With the right camera lens, you can capture any kind of photo from close-ups and portraits to vast landscapes and sunsets. Sigma lenses come with many different focal length amounts that range from 10 millimeters to upwards of 500 millimeters. They can also be paired with a wide array of mounts from AF and EF mounts to K and KAF mounts.

What types of Sigma lenses are available?
  • Fisheye: This is a type of wide-angle lens that has a field of vision that can extend to upwards of 180 degrees, which leads to the creation of an ample amount of distortion on the edges of the photo. This included distortion creates a hemispherical image.
  • Close-up: This is a type of lens that allows for the close-up capture of different subjects, which produces a photo that offers a larger than life view of the subject. These zoom lenses primarily come with 1:1 magnification.
  • Ultra wide-angle: These are any lenses that come with a focal length that is shorter than the short side of the digital sensor on the camera. In most instances, these lenses will come with focal lengths of 9 millimeters or lower.
  • Telephoto: This is a type of lens that comes with a focal length that is longer than normal, which leads to a magnified image with a narrow field of view.
Which types of PENTAX cameras do Sigma lenses work with?
  • Digital SLR: This is a type of digital camera that comes with a large amount of automatic and manual features along with a digital sensor. These cameras provide you with a wide range of photographic settings and come equipped with interchangeable lenses. They are typically large in size as well.
  • Mirrorless: This is a type of PENTAX camera that comes without a series of mirrors inside the camera body, which allows for a smaller and more compact form. These cameras accommodate interchangeable lenses and are usually outfitted with a digital sensor.
  • Bridge: This is a camera that is relatively small in size and offers primarily automatic settings, although these cameras do usually provide manual control over the exposure and focus settings. They typically come with an electronic viewfinder.
  • SLR: This is a type of film camera that uses a single-lens reflex system and is equipped with photographic film.
What does the aperture of a lens indicate?

The aperture of a camera lens is designed to identify how much light the shutter lets in when it snaps shut to take a photo. Maximum apertures let in a large amount of light, while minimum apertures let in less light. The aperture of a camera lens is listed as an f-stop followed by a number such as f/1.8. Lower apertures indicate a maximum aperture, while high apertures like f/22 are paired with minimum apertures. The maximum apertures available with these lenses range from f/1.4 to f/6.3.

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