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Side Marker Lights for Mazda Miata

Mazda Miata Side Marker Lights

The side marker lights on the Mazda Miata are an important signaling tool in limited visibility. If you need to replace yours or are just looking for a change, there are many different models and styles with different aspects to consider for your vehicle.

What is an OEM Mazda light?

In the car industry, OEM is an abbreviation for original equipment manufacturer. It specifies the models of any part that came from the company that was first commissioned to make that part when the car was new. This is important because the OEM part for any particular car is guaranteed to fit properly and will work as intended. A non-OEM unit, also known as an aftermarket unit, might have different coloring or bulb type.

Why is LED important for side marker lights on the Mazda Miata?

LED is the current technology used in most vehicle lighting, including the Mazda Miata vehicle. It is replacing older halogen bulbs. An LED light is more efficient and lasts longer without needing a replacement. The light it sheds is brighter, stronger, and whiter, but the beam is narrower and more focused. This is good for exterior lighting like on Mazda Miata side marker lights. Just about every new car will use LED lights now, but halogen bulbs are still available on the market for cars that use them.

What lens colors are available for Miata side marker lights?

Side marker lights come in four main colors: amber, clear, red, and tinted. "Clear" actually covers a wide range of colorations based on the color temperature of the LED. A lower color temperature produces a warm, yellowish shade, a medium temperature creates a standard white shade, and a high color temperature means a bright blue-toned shade. Color temperature has nothing to do with heat, but it is measured in degrees Kelvin, or K. When you see a clear LED, check out the listing for its K rating to understand exactly what color to expect.

Are side lights for the Miata separated by location?

Yes, each of the four corners and the sides use separate fitments. This is important because while they are symmetrical, marker lights for one side usually do not fit into the groove on the other side. Likewise, the bulbs and cases for front lights will not fit into the openings on the back. Make sure you have the correct selection for your needs or these reflector lights will not work properly for your vehicle.