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Honda Element Side Marker Lights

The Honda Element is a compact crossover sport utility vehicle that was produced in East Liberty, Ohio, from model year 2002 through model year 2011. The Element was known for its standard front wheel drive and available all-wheel drive, automatic or manual transmission, and its 2.0 liter, four-cylinder engine. An outage of the light bulb, impact, or collision might necessitate replacement of the Honda Element side marker lights on the front or back ends of the vehicle.

What are the features of Honda Element side marker lights?
  • Clear or amber reflector cover: These light marker units are available with either a clear cover or an amber cover. The housing assembly for the lighting units is made of black powder-coated metal or black plastic.
  • Accepts light emitting diode or incandescent light bulbs: The light assemblies for vehicles made from model year 2002 through 2005 accept incandescent bulbs. The marker assemblies on vehicles produced in model years 2006 and later accept LED light bulbs. There are LED light conversion kit assemblies for the earlier model years of the Honda Element.
  • Durable housing forms a seal against moisture, dust, and dirt: The transparent or amber lighting reflector covers and housing assemblies form a tight seal that prevents moisture, dust, and dirt from affecting the incandescent or LED light and the units wiring.
How do you choose Honda Element side marker lights?
  • Choose the trim level and model year of your Element: Choose the trim level of your Honda Element, as different trim packages have different lighting configurations. The model year design changes of the Honda Element also affect the size and placement of the marker lights.
  • Select the placement on the vehicle: Select marker lights for the drivers side or the passengers side of the Honda Element. Select LED light markers that go on the front side or the back side of the vehicle.
  • Choose a manufacturer for the parts: Choose Honda as the original equipment manufacturer of the light markers and their assemblies and transparent or amber covers. There are also light markers manufactured by other companies, including Eiko, JDM, Philips, Rare Electrical, TYC, WD Express, and Wagoner. You could also choose unbranded side lights or aftermarket side lights for your Honda Element.
How do you replace Honda Element side marker lights?

To replace the side marker light assembly in the Honda Element:

  • Begin by removing the lights amber or transparent cover using a Phillips head screwdriver.
  • Open the hood of the Honda Element and locate the socket of the side marker light.
  • Twist the socket counterclockwise to release the socket. Pull it straight out.
  • If you just need to replace the light bulb in the side marker, put the new bulb in the socket and put the socket back into place.
  • The replacement marker light housing can be inserted into place through the engine block.
  • Reattach the existing amber or clear cover or replace its housing and cover with a new lighting reflector piece.