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Shaving Cream, Foam, and Gel

Wet shaving, using a bladed razor or an electric shaver, is easier when you use a shaving cream, gel, foam, or other similar toiletry. The purpose of a shaving lubricant is to soften the hair and to allow the razor to glide smoothly over your face without nicking or cutting. With a vast range of products from which to choose, there are shave lubricants to suit every skin type and personal shaving preference.

How do you choose the right shaving product?

Although you may have used plain soap to shave, there are other products that can give you a smoother experience. Glycerin-based shaving products that contain vitamin E, aloe, or coconut include a moisturizer. If your skin is sensitive as well as dry, then you should avoid using a product that has an added fragrance. If your face feels tight or it stings after you shave, then alcohol-based products are probably not for you. For a really smooth shave and to reduce your chances of drying out or of suffering cuts, you can apply shaving oil to the skin before adding other products.

  • Foam: Shaving foam is convenient and easy to use, and for some, shaving foams can have a tendency to dry your skin more than creams or gels. A typical shaving foam for sensitive skin contains water, stearic acid (surfactant, used to reduce surface tension), triethanolamine, isobutane and propane (propellants used as substitutes for chlorofluorocarbons CFCs, laureth-23 and sodium lauryl sulfate (responsible for making lather), fragrance, and BHT (a preservative that is considered safe and is also used in food).
  • Cream:Shaving creams offer a luxurious cushion for your skin. Many of these products contain moisturizing glycerin that comes in handy if you have particularly stubborn stubble. Shaving cream doesn’t contain propellants, which is why it is less dehydrating.
  • Gel:Shaving gels have more lubricating power. Transparent gels help you see what's going on beneath the lather. This is especially useful if you have patches of facial hair that you don't want to shave away with your razor.
What are the advantages of using a shaving brush?

Shaving brushes remove dead skin cells and help prevent ingrowing hairs. Applying shaving cream, foam, soap, or gel with a brush makes the hairs stand up and easier to cut. Brushes make it easier to cover all of the stubble and cause the product to go further and last longer. Using a brush also helps you work up an impressive lather before you start to shave.

What products are good to use for electric shaving?

A shave gel or oil is intended for wet shaving with an electric shaver. No product is necessary if you are dry electric shaving; however, you may want to use one to add moisturizers to your skin with a cream.

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