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Everything You Need to Know About Segway Electric Scooters

Having a Segway can be essential for those who need new and creative ways to get themselves around. These single person moves are used both recreationally as well as for emergency medical services such as paramedics and police. These new and used Segways are available in different types and sizes, and eBay makes it easy to browse them all in one place.

Uses for a Segway

This scooter could be used by those with mobility issues, as well as by those who are disabled. At its core, it is a self-balancing standing wheelchair. It is also commonly used for jobs that would require an excessive amount of walking, such as a street policeman or other on ground security measures. Electric scooters have been recommended for those who have mobility issues, even though they cannot be officially marketed for medical uses yet. Another common use for this electric scooter could be as a personal vehicle in cities with high walkability scores. Riding on a Segway is intuitive with a quick learning curve, allowing them to be used for sightseeing tours that are too long to walk.

Segway scooter specifications

The top speed of this product is 12.5 mph or 20.1 km/h. The speed and steering of the Segway are controlled by leaning and distributing your weight. It contains a lithium-ion battery that depending on the conditions of the road, total elevation of the route, and the battery cells can cover up to 24 miles, or 34 kilometers, on a single charge. It takes up to 8-10 hours to fully recharge the battery from zero.

Learn more about the Segway models

Many models of Segways are available on eBay, including the Segway MiniPro, a smaller scooter designed for personal use with a kneebar for steering and balance, and the Ninebot ES4 Kick Scooter, a kick scooter design with a maximum range of 28 miles that includes dual batteries for more extended performance. Also, many replacement parts and external batteries for these electric scooters are available on eBay.

How does this product safely work and stay upright?

The "inverted pendulum" is the basis of the scooter's design. As there is an unbalanced weight (the human) at the top of the pendulum, the scooter uses its technology to balance this pendulum to keep itself, along with the rider, upright. The technology used includes gyroscopes and tilt sensors that move the wheels forward or backward to balance the weight automatically.

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