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Samsung Laser All-in-One Printer

All-in-one Samsung laser printers can do four jobs in one: print, copy, fax, and scan your documents. You can combine all your document processing equipment into one single multifunction laser printer and a little software from Samsung. In some cases, you can also control your wireless printing from a mobile device.

What tasks can a multifunction color laser printer handle?

In spite of the name, you'll find that a color laser printer does more than merely print. Samsung combines multiple devices into a single case. The printer also comes with an on-board computer unit that can control them each independently. The printer offers manual duplexing which allows it to print two-sided documents, as well. Each of their multifunction printer kits can do all of the following when attached to a personal computer:

  • Fax
  • Scan
  • Print
  • Copy
  • Collate
What kind of driver do you need for the printer?

The manufacturer includes a standard CD with most laser printers. You can simply mount the CD, and the printer installation process should complete itself automatically. If your office uses Macintosh hardware, then the Easy Manager software will automatically switch to OS X drivers. These drivers will allow you to use the built-in scanner at the highest resolution settings possible.

What is built-in Xpress technology?

Xpress wireless laser systems work with 802.11a/b/g Wi-Fi networks to provide communication between your devices and enable you to print without a wired connection. Even though you might have a wireless Xpress multifunction printer, this doesn't mean you can't send documents to it via an Ethernet network as well. You can also choose to attach a mobile device and a desktop PC at the same time to transfer information.

Will printed fonts match how they look on the screen?

All-in-one printers offer full support for TrueType and OpenType code. If you're using outline fonts in either of these two formats, you can make printouts knowing that your all-in-one printer won't substitute another font. TrueType and OpenType fonts should work the same on machines running Windows, Mac OS, and most implementations of Linux.

What paper size does the M3015DW printer’s toner cartridge support?

Your Samsung Xpress M2015DW unit will support the paper sizes below regardless of what kind of toner you use. Whether you install monochrome or color toner, you should be able to print to any of the following paper sizes with your laser printer:

  • Letter paper
  • Legal paper
  • A4 paper
  • A5 paper
  • A6 paper