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Choosing a Bluetooth Printer

Samsung Bluetooth computer printers enable the use of wireless printing. The Bluetooth printers can be connected or paired with a phone or tablet as well as linked to an existing Wi-Fi network.

What Devices Are Compatible With a Bluetooth Printer?

Any Bluetooth capable device can be paired with the printers. Although Samsung mobile products such as the Galaxy phone series and Galaxy Tab tablet are less likely to have any issues, iOS devices such as an iPhone or iPad as well as the Google Pixel phone can easily connect to the printer by activating Bluetooth and pairing the device. There is also an app available for both Android and iOS phones and tablets.

What Extra Features and Services Are There for Wireless Printers?

There are different online and connected services available.

  • Mobile Print: The printers can be controlled through the Mobile Print App, which is available through the Google Play Store and the Apple app store. This app adds additional functionality, allowing access to printers that are connected to the Internet or a known network. It also functions as control software for the printer, using the phone screen to access a full range of options, from performing any printing or scanning functions to changing settings.
  • Google Cloud Print: These wireless printers can also make use of the Google Cloud Print service. This service allows users to register their printer on the Google Cloud. They can then share the printer with others and revoke access as well. As long as the printer is connected to the Internet, files can be sent to it for printing from any device with an authorized Google account.

Can a Wireless Printer Be Used Offline?

The printers also have a backup USB port and can be connected to a PC or other device for offline printing as well as assistance with maintenance or driver updates. Some printers also have a USB port for use with a memory storage device, either a USB flash drive or a SD card adapter. This allows the printer to read files directly from the device for printing or to copy files directly to the device.

How Do You Set Up A Wireless Printer?

There are several different ways to set up a new wireless printer.

  • USB: Directly connecting your printer to a PC or other device with a USB cable will start a setup wizard that will walk the user through setting up the device.
  • Push Button Configuration (PBC) or PIN: If both the Wi-Fi router and printer support it, they can be connected by pressing the WPS or Wi-Fi Protected Setup button on both, allowing them to sync. Alternatively a PIN can be used to connect the devices.
  • Control Screen: Some printers can be connected through the control screen by selecting the Wi-Fi network and connecting using the network ID and password.

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