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Samick Archery Bows

Samick offers several different bows at different sizes for both left-handed and right-handed users. Bows are designed for either field archery and for live-game hunting. Several bows come with both limbs and strings, although some bows offered may only include limbs.

What are some differences between recurve bows and longbows?

One difference between recurve bows and longbows is the shape. A longbow has one continuous arch, like a crescent, whereas the recurve bow has curves on the ends. This difference in design shape gives the two bows different physical characteristics. A recurve bow is physically shorter than a longbow. By design, a recurve bow releases an arrow with more force than a longbow.

What types of materials are Samick Archery bows comprised of?

Bows are made out of several different kinds of materials and usually in a combination to create different bows with different weights, aesthetics, and strength. Recurve limbs offered are comprised of both maple wood as well as fiberglass. Each of the different materials provides a different design feature. The design purpose of fiberglass is to increase durability and to provide the bow with flexibility. Different materials used for the products offered are listed below:

  • Hard Maple
  • Rosewood
  • Fiberglass
  • White Oak
  • Merbau
What is draw weight on a Samick bow?

Draw weight is the maximum amount of weight an archer will have to pull when pulling back the string on the bow. This metric is tracked for all bows. The weight is created by the resistance in the curve of the bow arch. Different draw weights are available for individual products in some cases. For example, the Samick Sage Take Down Recurve right-handed option at 35 pounds, draw weights are offered in a range starting at 25 pounds and ending at 60 pounds in increments of 5 pounds

What are different bow limb weights offered?

Samick bows are offered in a range of different weights. For example, Samick Sage Takedown limbs are available in both 40-pound and 50-pound options for right-handed users. The same model is also offered in a left-handed option at 25 pounds Bows are also offered in different lengths at different weights. For example, the 60-inch Samick Night Hawk Recurve for right-handed users is offered at 40 pounds. One Samick Sage Take Down Recurve offered is available at 62 inches and a weight of 35 pounds. Weights and lengths offered vary from individual model to individual model.

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