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Find the perfect round tablecloth

The right round tablecloth can set the scene for a dinner party or event. Finding a beautiful, but practical cloth design ensures that not only will the table be protected but also that the guests will enjoy the evening if everything looks smart. 

Catering events

When decorating a venue for a wedding, corporate function or large dinner event, the tablecloths need to be matching and hardwearing. Standard tablecloths in black, white or blue may be the perfect option for your needs. 

Tablecloths supplied in bulk ensure that the color matching should be perfect, so there's no risk of any table not matching the rest of the decor. For high-class events, traditional cotton or linen tablecloths add a touch of luxury, but for more casual dining polyester or plastic cloths might be more resilient to spills and stains. 

Round tablecloths for the home

At home, a patterned oilcloth tablecloth might be better as the thick fabrication both protects the table and offers a wipe clean surface that is easy to keep clean even with daily use. Many of the round PVC tablecloths can be cut to size without the risk of fraying edges, which isn't the case with fabric cloths. 

If a fabric tablecloth is wanted, clear PVC tablecloth can be used on top to protect the fabric underneath and provide a wipe clean surface. Heat resistant table protectors can even be used under the tablecloth for extra protection if hot meals are going to be served regularly. 

Decorative tablecloths

For a rustic feel, round lace tablecloths can be used either alone or under a clear PVC tablecloth, perfect for a shabby chic interior. For a more modern effect, glitter finish tablecloths can add a touch of glamour and are perfect for special events like birthday parties, weddings or Christmas.