Batteries and Chargers for TYT

Whether you have a two-way radio, a wired-base radio, or a ham radio, having reliable and consistent power is important for successfully using your equipment. A variety of batteries and charges can be found to power-up your TYT radios and devices.

What types of TYT batteries and chargers are available?
  • Direct-replacement battery: For two-way radios, replacement batteries are available. You can replace a discharged battery with another that you have on-hand for when you don't have access to an outlet or charger.
  • Battery eliminator: These have contacts just like a battery, but they are connected to a wall cable, car-charger cable, or USB cable, allowing you to have a constant source of power for your radio.
  • Desk charger: These allow you to charge your two-way radio's battery without having to remove the battery pack. Simply slide the unit in to begin charging.
  • Belt clip: These attach to the battery pack on your two-way radio so that you can then attach it to your belt.
How do you select TYT batteries and chargers?

Here are some tips for choosing items to power up your radios and equipment.

  • Model: The model number of your radio or device will help you find accessories that are compatible with your specific two-way radio.
  • Size: Different sizes of devices will require batteries with different capacities. Select the correct capacity size for the battery to prevent overpowering or underpowering your device.
  • Usage: Consider how you'll be using your equipment most often. For example, if you have two-way radios that you frequently use in your car, a battery eliminator with a car outlet adapter might make sense.
How do you maintain batteries and chargers for TYT equipment?

Properly maintaining your TYT equipment accessories will help keep them ready and available when you need them.

  • Discharge properly: Though devices need to be kept charged to be ready for use, it's important to fully discharge the batteries from time to time to help maintain the charge capacity.
  • Protect: Avoid leaving radios, batteries, and other accessories in direct sunlight or extremely hot or cold temperatures for an extended time.
  • Clean: Keep the contacts on all chargers and batteries clean to ensure a direct, even charge.
  • Position: Keep devices in a secure place to avoid drops or falls that could break the outer shell or damage the battery components.
  • Label: Keep all chargers and batteries labeled to enable easy matching with their compatible charger. This will help keep charging time to a minimum.