Portable Audio Transmitters

Choosing FM Transmitters and Other Audio Accessories for Travel

Digital devices and portable entertainment have become a huge part of life in the past couple of decades. With the huge variety of devices on the market today, it is only logical that various companies have produced different travel accessories like FM transmitters. Some of these are simple, such as battery powered radio transmitters that use simple FM frequencies, while others are more complex, such as devices with Bluetooth connectivity or other wireless features.

What Sort of Portable Audio Accessories Are on the Market?

With a variety of types and functions, a number of FM transmitters and simple MP3 players are for use when traveling. Some of the most popular portable audio accessories include:

  • FM transmitters - Radio transmitters on the FM network come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Basic models are usually battery powered or plug into the 12-Volt socket of your car, while others are rechargeable with Bluetooth connectivity. Many of them connect directly to your stereo system, while some even have built in MP3 players that allow you to listen to music on the go.
  • Hands-free car kits - There are a number of different hands-free car kits out there with ease of use in mind. Most of these car kits connect your device to your car stereo or sound system via Bluetooth or USB connectivity, and allow you to safely make calls or listen to music while driving.
  • Wireless Bluetooth headphones - Bluetooth headphones are also very popular among travelers. They allow hands free music and FM or AM radio, and dont require and of the difficult cords or cables usually associated with headphones.

What Should I Consider When Buying Portable Audio Accessories?

There are a number of things that you should always take into account when you are looking at new audio accessories for your travels. These include:

  • How they are powered - Although they may be cheap, some basic FM transmitters are battery powered, which means that you have to continuously find new batteries for them. Others are charged by a simple USB plug, and are much easier and cheaper to use.
  • Their configuration - Many so-called "handsfree" kits require you to set them up before you can use them. This isnt useful if you need to do something quickly, such as answer a call while driving.