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Pool Fences

Investing in a pool fence goes a long way to keeping you and your loved ones protected from accidents. This should be enough to entice pool owners to invest in fence installations around their pools.

How much pool fence do you need?

Trying to determine how much pool fence you need can be a difficult task, but it’s far from impossible. You can come up with a rough estimate by measuring the perimeter of your pool, in feet, where you want the fencing installed and divide that number by measurement of the fence panels you are wanting to purchase. If you choose to have a professional do the job, they will determine the amount of the fencing you need as well as how many hinges, gates, and latches you should have.

How can you choose aluminum pool fencing?

There are several options available when choosing which aluminum pool fencing to get. These options include the style of the fence and type of pool gate latch as well as how the installation project will be done. The Magna Latch is one of the many different types of gate latch that is available. One of the benefits of the Magna Latch is that it’s easy to install. If you hire someone to install the fence for you, they will typically determine how much fencing is needed.

What else is needed for the pool fence?

When calculating what you need for your new pool fence, make sure to include the pool gate, hinges, and gate latch. These items can help improve the functionality and the safety of your swimming pool.

What pool safety measures should you consider when buying fences?

For safety reasons, the fence around the pool should be 4 or more feet high, and all gates should feature a lockable latch. The latch secures the gate so that it doesn’t fly open, and a lockable latch gives you the ability to lock the gate to keep people out of the swimming pool.

There are some areas of the country that actually have pool safety requirements that you must follow, so you should contact your county government to find out if your particular area has any laws regarding swimming pool safety for property owners. These safety laws generally require that the pool fence be a certain height and that the pool has a gate with a latch with a lock installed.