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How to Select Pool Equipment and Replacement Parts

You really want to go for a swim, but it's not quite summer yet. A pool heater would allow you to dive in without worry and enjoy a soothing swim year-round, and this and other types of pool equipment allow you to maintain your swimming pool or spa and make repairs when needed.

What Are Some Types of Pool Parts?

Keeping a pool in decent shape requires numerous supplies, replacement parts, carts, and equipment. Staying on top of pool care means you're always ready when something needs to be fixed or replaced, ensuring the enjoyment of your pool for years to come.

  • Pool filters help to keep your pool clean by catching small debris in addition to clarifying the water. A filter and a pump work together to keep your pool clean and sparkling, and if your water looks cloudy or dirty, you'll know that the pool pump or the filter requires a replacement.
  • A pool heater is a type of pump that circulates the water in the pool, filters it, and funnels it through via an electrical system that then creates warmer water. These often run via gas or propane.
  • Pool lights let you swim safely at nighttime. They are a fit for spas and pools, and LED lights provide a warm glow under the water. For fun, try colored lights or a lighted waterfall.

What Are Some Pool Accessory Options?

Accessories may not be as necessary as pool equipment, but they can add to the safety and enjoyment of using your pool.

  • Pool covers not only keep your swimming pool safe for kids and animals to be around without the risk of falling in, but they also keep debris, leaves, and inclement weather from harming your pool and causing it to become dirty. These pool parts come in varied sizes to fit all types of pools from in-ground to above-ground options.
  • A pool ladder allows you to get in and out of the pool while reducing the risk of injury. Many of these pool parts have handrails to help kids and adults safely step out of the swimming pool without slipping or falling.
  • Make your pool the place to be this summer by installing a diving board or a slide. These vary in size and height and are usually recommended for in-ground pools. You can purchase small slides and boards solely for kids or big, curvy slides for teens and adults to enjoy.

How Do You Maintain a Clean Pool?

Along with necessary pool repairs, keeping your swimming pool clean is a top priority, as this creates a safer swimming environment for everyone.

  • Changing your filter cartridge to one that uses bonded media technology can keep your swimming pool clearer than using traditional filter cartridges does. Some examples include the Pentair Clean and Clear cartridge or the Pleatco Hayward SwimClear option.
  • If you have an automatic swimming pool cleaner, get a tune-up kit like the Polaris Factory Tune-Up Kit to keep the cleaner working properly.
  • Use a net to manually scoop out leaves and debris on a daily basis to keep your pool clean.