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Turn Your Home into a Mini Theater with a Polk Sound Bar, Speakers, and Subwoofer

While sitting on your couch watching TV, having a speaker system in place can help make your experience more enjoyable. With Polk speakers set up, including a sound bar and subwoofer, you have equipment that can boost your audio quality. There are many wireless options to from which to choose.

What are the various components designed to do?

Whatever you are trying to watch or hear, it can be useful to have a home theater system that is capable of broadcasting a full range of sounds.

  • Sound bar: A sound bar can work as an all-around speaker system, as it usually has multiple drivers designed for mid-range and lower-range frequencies. Sound bars are slim and compact, and they usually are placed in front of a television.
  • Subwoofer: A subwoofer is responsible for pumping out low notes. Most subs handle the frequencies under the 200 Hertz mark, so they can be important when you are trying to listen to hushed conversations, songs, and action sequences.
  • Other speakers: If you wish to further complement your audio, you can use various speakers set up around the room. Options include towers and bookshelf speakers.
How do you connect wireless speakers?

Wireless subwoofers and speakers are versatile and portable. You can place them anywhere without worrying about cord length or placement. They can usually be connected to the rest of an entertainment system via Bluetooth or their built-in Wi-Fi. Bluetooth uses radio frequencies, and both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi will work regardless of line of sight.

When your devices are on and within range of your system, the transmitters will automatically detect the receivers and can start communicating. In many cases, wireless speakers may also come with analog stereo cables, optical cables and RCA adapters.

What are some features that speaker systems might have?

Some of the features that they may have are:

  • Voice adjust: When this is included in a speaker, you can identify which frequencies you want to focus on. This may be lower frequencies if you are watching an action flick or higher if you are watching something with more upbeat conversation.
  • SDA: This feature can cancel out interference that might otherwise be found within the speaker itself.
  • Dynamic balance: Both the material and construction design of a speaker can affect its performance. Many models were carefully designed with efficiency in mind.
  • Power port: By reducing air turbulance, you can improve the bass impact and lower the distortion, all with relatively less power.
  • Music streaming: With some models, you can stream music directly from the internet.
  • Voice-activated personal assistant: You can ask a question or give a command out loud after getting the attention of the assistant, and it will take care of the rest.
  • Dolby digital: Many units are capable of decoding Dolby digital audio.
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