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Polaroid Instant Camera Film

Polaroid Instant Camera Film

Some cameras have the option of instantly giving you the picture that you just took. Instant cameras are for photographers who want to see their results immediately. Polaroid instant film can be fed into the camera so you can hold your photo in your hand right away.

What is instant film?

Instant film is a type of photographic paper with self-contained chemicals used for producing photographs. This allows for diffusion transfer of dyes from the negative to the positive sheet.

What are the preservation conditions of the film?

Polaroid film has regular storage standards. The temperature at which it is stored should not drop below 70 degrees Fahrenheit. The relative humidity should be between 30% and 50%. Colder storage can be afforded if the relative humidity is lower. In any case, a relative humidity environment of less than 30% is not recommended.

What are the different film speeds for Polaroid instant camera?

Different types of film speeds are produced for the film paper. The index shows the films sensitivity to light. The lower the index, the more exposure to light is required for the film to be exposed. The different film speeds are:

  • 50 ISO.
  • 100 ISO.
  • 160 ISO.
  • 400 ISO.
  • 800 ISO.
What are the different types of instant camera films?

There are five different formats of instant cameras that use the different types of films. Some can be used for different camera types. The types of films for instant photography are:

  • i-Type: This is made for new cameras with rechargeable batteries.
  • 600: This type is used in vintage cameras, 600-series cameras, and i-Type cameras.
  • SX-70: These camera formats, unlike the 600, need their own film and need more light. Folding types of cameras use this film. This type produces photos in classic color or black and white.
  • Spectra: This has wider dimensions fit for landscape images, unlike the other square-shaped formats.
  • 8 by 10-inch format.

The photo films have different visual options. Color and black and white films can be used for different types of photography.

What are the dimensions of photo films?

The SX-70, 600, and i-Type have dimensions of 3.108 by 3.024 inches of picture area and 4.233 by 3.483 inches for the total area of the film. The Spectra model is wider, because it is useful for landscapes; it measures 2.890 by 3.574 inches for the picture area and 4.051 by 3.996 inches in total area.

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