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Polaris Snowmobile Parts

Polaris Snowmobile Motor Parts

Polaris has been manufacturing snowmobiles since 1954. With the availability and production of OEM and aftermarket motor parts, riders are able to utilize these vehicles to their max potential. Parts such as gasket kits, clutch rollers, drive belts, and exhaust springs go a long way toward keeping these snowmobiles in drivable condition.

What is included in a Polaris snowmobile gasket kit?

The parts included in a gasket kit can vary from one type to another. These kits are often broken down into either top-end cylinder kits or complete cylinder kits. However, some of the more common parts included in a gasket kit for a Polaris snowmobile are:

  • Spacer plates
  • Cylinders
  • Standard bore piston kits
  • Gaskets and oil seals
  • Upper rod bearings
Are Polaris snowmobile motor parts interchangeable for vehicle models?

There are some motor parts that are interchangeable from one model snowmobile to another. However, before obtaining parts for your Polaris snowmobile that are not standard for the vehicle, it is recommended to obtain this information from your vehicle owners manual.

When should a snowmobile drive belt be changed?

A drive belt should be changed when you notice a change in the driving performance of your snowmobile. You can inspect the belt between rides for signs that replacements are necessary. Some common signs that a new drive belt is needed include:

  • Cracked or damaged belt
  • Narrowing of the belt width
  • Misshaped belt (often in an hour-glass shape)
  • Thinning of the belt
  • Stretched out belt
How can you select components or accessories?

Not all Polaris snowmobile parts are interchangeable between machine years. Certain components are designed to fit with only a certain number of snowmobiles; these components usually coincide with the year a particular snowmobile motor model was released. If you are unsure of the motor model number you have, consult the vehicle owners manual. There may be OEM parts suitable for replacement on the snowmobile. Always consult your user manual before purchasing parts to ensure that you’re purchasing the correct items.

What are some commonly purchased Polaris engine components?

Having been in production for more than 60 years, you will find a wide range of Polaris engine components available. Some of the components which are commonly purchased include:

  • Pumps - Pumps are responsible for sending fluid through the vehicle to their intended part or component for proper operation of the vehicle.
  • Gauges - Gauges are critical for reading the output levels of your snowmobiles motor.
  • Gaskets - Gaskets are rubber seals that are regularly replaced within a typical maintenance schedule.
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