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Polaris Snowmobile Jackets & Suits

Cold weather is no joke, and you have to take measures to stay protected and safe while enjoying the snow and slush. This includes suiting up in Polaris snowmobile clothing, which includes lined and breathable jackets and snowsuits that keep you dry and warm during icy weather, which can be dangerous for exposed skin. Layering is the best way to stay warm, and Polaris snowmobile gear works as a comfortable, warm barrier between you and the wind, rain, ice, and snow. 

Cold Weather Clothing
Once you’re dressed for a day of snowmobile fun, add a final layer to ensure you stay warm. Polaris snowmobile jackets seal warmth in and keep the cold out. These stylish jackets aren’t just cool; they are fully functional, with plenty of features. Created with a lightweight, breathable liner, the jackets keep your core body temperature cozy while the water-resistant exterior keeps ice and snow out. Breathable and wearable, the jackets offer many pockets for hands, phones, keys, or whatever you wish to store. Adjustable, easy to pull on and off, and reflective, these cool coats keep you visible and comfortable. 

Suit Up for Snow
When the temperature continues to drop into the lower digits, it’s wise to opt for a Polaris snowmobile suit over a traditional jacket. Where a jacket covers the top half of your body, a suit is a one-piece item that covers your entire body in a blanket of warmth. The zip-up design makes it easy to step into, and allows added protection for your legs. There are two styles of suits; one is a bib style, which looks similar to overalls, and goes underneath a jacket. The second is a full suit that includes sleeves and pants for a warm, comfortable, water-resistant experience. High tech fabric repels water and ice, and a fleece seat panel keeps your ride warm and cozy.

Get Your Gear On
Harsh winter weather is not only uncomfortable, but dangerous. Add the right Polaris gear to your winter wardrobe for safe snowmobiling. Jackets and snowsuits are a must, but accessories are also necessary. Include heavy-duty gloves, hats, shirts, and helmets to your adventuring arsenal and bundle up for a day of play. Safety comes first, and with the right snowmobile gear, you’re ensured a frost-free experience.