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Polaris Personal Watercraft Parts

Polaris Personal Watercraft Parts

Working on personal watercraft is a lot like working on motorcycles and other pieces of powersports equipment. If you want to get peak performance out of your personal watercraft, then youll want to customize it. A few simple parts from Polaris and maybe a kit or two is all youll need to get started on personal restoration jobs.

What two types of Polaris personal watercraft parts are available?

Polaris watercraft components can be divided into two major classes, and you might want to look at both of them if youre working on restoring any kind of PWC. Polaris OEM parts come straight from the manufacturer, which means that theyll always serve as drop-in replacements for the equipment that youre working with. Aftermarket parts include a wide array of accessories made by outside concerns, and this means youll never run out of new components to experiment with. While theyre not as easy to work with, they can be perfect if you want to customize your PWC beyond whats normally possible.

How does a Polaris part finder work?

If your personal watercraft came with one of these documents, then you can easily find any part you need. Look at the exploded diagram and find the graphical representation of the part youre looking for. You can then find the number. The manufacturer numbers each component to make replacements easy to find. As soon as you know this number, then you know exactly which component you need to get.

Hoy do you replace an impeller?

The impeller and flywheel assembly should slide out of the vehicle as a single box. Youll want to first make sure that the vehicle is dry. Disconnect the power source and discharge the water scooter. Once youve taken all of the prerequisite safety precautions, unbolt the crank system and remove it. Your replacement crankshaft box should fit on. Make sure that the marine screw is facing the same way as the original one. You can then tighten it like you would when youre doing normal maintenance on it.

Why do some PWC battery labels mention companies other than Polaris?

Some parts are universal and can be used with more than one type of watercraft. You might find that a battery label reads that it works with Sea-Doo, Honda, Polaris, Kawasaki, and probably a host of other types of water scooters. This just means that it can fit into other types of vehicles. It should be compatible as long as it reads the same Polaris model number thats on your water scooter.

Which accessories come with aftermarket performance packages?

Youll usually find that these kits contain nearly everything needed to do an overhaul on your water scooter. They might contain any or all of the following components:

  • Spare engine internals
  • Powertrain upgrade kit
  • Fuel tuner
  • Supercharger
  • Spare intercooler