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Pink Bicycle Baskets

It’s one of those cherished images of times past: A young girl with a pink bicycle basket rides her favorite cruiser bike down the street. Said basket might include a bunch of flowers attached to the wicker, with a teddy bear inside the basket for good measure. Parents who want to share this memory with their kids have several options to consider when looking at bike accessories for their girls' bicycles.

Why do you need a bicycle basket for your bike?

Aside from making a girl's bike look cute, a pink bike basket is practical and useful. If your daughter uses her bike for errands or to ride to school, bike accessories like a basket help carry supplies or lighten her backpack. A bicycle basket can transport all kinds of cargo, from children's books to small items from nearby stores.

What other kinds of accessories go with a bike basket?

There are number accessories that you can get for a girl's bike with a pink basket. Look for items like attachable flowers, grips for the handlebars, pink and white tassels, decals, clip on lights, streamers, bottle holders, bells, and matching fenders. Naturally, you want to make sure that you also have a helmet. Girls who enjoy riding their bicycle on dirt trails can also find accessories like knee pads and gloves in pink.

How do you choose the right bicycle basket?

It’s important to consider why a girl desires a pink basket for her bicycle. If she’s a young girl, she might just want a woven plastic bike basket for the front of her bike for small items. Older kids or teens who use their bike for transportation to an after-school job may want a wire basket that’s lined. This should be sturdy enough to carry heavier items like groceries. Many bicycle baskets are detachable with buckles or a strap, and you can also find pink saddle bags that attach over bicycles' back wheels.

If kids or adults choose to carry a small dog or kitten, the bicycle basket should have a specialized safety harness to keep your pet secure, and if it has a lid, it must be vented for breathing.

What are some bike safety tips to keep in mind?

When choosing a bike basket, safety is more important than convenience. Handlebars that move freely and unobstructed are necessary a bicycle rider safe. The basket on your child's bike should be functional while keeping the handlebars clear from obstruction. Also, the bottom of the bike basket shouldn’t obstruct the front wheel. To prevent this, make sure that the leather straps that fasten the bicycle basket to the bike are secure.

The accessories that your kids use on their bikes, such as the bell, frogs (clip-on lights), and baskets, should never obstruct the brakes, which are often located on the handlebars. Safety items like bells should also be easy to reach. Brake wires should not get caught up in the bicycle basket.

Adding a basket or bag to the front, back, or saddle of the bike can change how the bike steers, especially if the basket is filled with heavy items. This can throw your kids off-balance when riding their bicycle. Be sure they pack items so that the weight is even on both sides of the bicycle.