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Domed Home Security Cameras

Having a home security system with alarms, sensors, and cameras installed on your property is an effective way to protect your home from intruders. This visual representation of security can potentially be a deterrent to intruders who are looking to take your valued possessions.

What are the benefits of home security cameras?

There are several benefits of having cameras installed on your property. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improve security - Have surveillance cameras watching your home can help to deter burglars who are thinking of breaking into your home or vandalizing your property. When criminals are looking to break into your home, they will typically case your home ahead of time to search for weak points. If they see visible cameras watching the perimeter, they may decide that breaking into your home is too much of a risk and leave.
  • Help the authorities - If a crime does happen on your property or in the line-of-sight of your security system, then you can hand over the footage to your local law enforcement officials to help them find and prosecute those responsible for the crime. If any of your property was stolen, you can use the video footage as evidence that the property was stolen and what type of property was stolen for insurance purposes.
  • Save on insurance premiums - If you have homeowner's insurance, a security system can help to reduce your monthly premiums due to the decreased risk of financial loss to theft or vandalism.
What are some features of Pelco security cameras?

Pelco security cameras have a number of advanced features for you to improve your home's security. Their cameras offer explosion-resistant casings that keep the camera safe in the roughest conditions. You also have the ability to check in on the cameras from any location with an Internet connection. There are different kinds of cameras that are designed to work in different lighting conditions. For instance, there are regular cameras that work in the daytime, infrared cameras that can spot individuals by their body heat in the dark, and dome cameras that can adjust the direction the lens inside is facing to cover a much wider angle without observers being able to easily spot where it is looking.

What are factors to take into account when purchasing?

Before you buy and install home surveillance cameras, you should know what areas of your property you want to cover. If you want dome cameras, consider placing them in locations where they can cover multiple angles, so that anyone watching would have a hard time figuring out where they are looking. Consider placing them so that their coverage overlaps to provide complete security coverage. Make sure there are no blind spots or gaps in coverage that leave your home vulnerable to break-ins by clever criminals who pay close attention to the areas that are visible on the video feeds.

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