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A Guide to Buying Panasonic HD Camcorders

The Panasonic Corporation has manufactured electrical components and electronics for over a century. Their high-definition camcorders are available in a variety of models, sizes, styles, and color schemes. Understanding how some camcorders work and what their features are may help you narrow your search for an HD camcorder.

What types of HD camcorders are there?

While all full HD camcorders can record and playback video in various high-definition formats, they come in different types and with varying specifications. Familiarizing yourself with some of the main types of camcorders and how they work might help you find a model that has the features you need. Some common types of HD camcorders you may find during your search include:

  • Helmet or action camcorders: These camcorders are usually small and designed to attach to a helmet or fit somewhere on your person. You may wish to use such a camcorder to capture events live from a personal perspective.
  • Pocket camcorders: These are usually small enough to fit in a pocket on your clothing or into a small bag. They may also include features that allow you to use them when you are traveling or moving. Many pocket camcorders weigh less than one pound, but you can review the details on specific models for verification.
  • Professional camcorders: These are a broad range of video devices that are suitable for anyone and may include features such as optical zoom and built-in SD card memory capabilities.
What storage types can you choose?

Many camcorders utilize one of three main types of storage to contain video data. These three types are:

  • Internal storage: Options may include a solid state drive or a hard disk drive.
  • Removable storage: These may include a removable memory card, removable tape, or removable disc.
  • Dual storage: Devices with this feature can utilize both types of storage in some fashion.
What are some features of HD camcorders?

In addition to recording audio and video, many camcorder models may have additional features or accessories that you can use. While the specifics for each camcorder may vary, some of them include things like built-in microphones, projector units, Wi-Fi capabilities, zoom lenses, and an LCD touchscreen. Some models may be resistant to shocks or water, have the ability to reduce extraneous noise from sources like wind, or have night vision capabilities for filming in low-light conditions.

How do you maintain a camcorder?

The specific instructions on how to care for the camcorder of your choice can vary according to the manufacturer's details and specifications. However, the following general tips may be applied to most HD camcorders:

  1. Keep the zoom lens protected with a cap and don't touch it with your fingertips if possible.
  2. If you need to clean the body of your camcorder, use slightly damp cloth on the outside the outside and allow it to air-dry.
  3. Consider using a protective case to transport your HD camcorder.