What to Consider When Choosing a PATA, IDE, and EIDE 3.5 Inch Computer Drive Enclosures and Docks

Hard drive enclosures and docks are very useful for those who want to get more use out of their hard drives. Most of these enclosures can be used with nearly any computer or tablet that has standard USB ports, and they typically work with HDD as well as SSD hard drives. Hard drive docks and enclosures come in many different styles and sizes, which means you can find one that works with your specific hard drives whether they are PATA, IDE, or EIDE hard drives.

What are Computer Drive Enclosures and Docks Commonly Used For?

  • HDD and SSD computer hard drive docks and enclosures are commonly uses to turn hard drives that were intended for internal use into external hard drives.
  • The enclosure or hard drive docking station provides a protective casing for the hard drive and an adapter that makes it possible to externally plug the drive into your computer or tablet via a USB port.
  • With a hard disk docking station or enclosure, internal hard disk drives can be used to externally store data.

What Shapes and Sizes do Drive Enclosures and Docks for PATA, IDE, and EIDE Hard Drives come in?

Hard drive enclosures and docking stations come in many different sizes and styles.

  • You can find ones that are very slim and specifically designed to hold a single HDD at a time.
  • Others are much larger and can be used with multiple hard drives at once.
  • Some are designed to work with external hard drives as well as internal hard drives.
  • External hard drive enclosures are typically fairly large because most external drives have their own built-in casing.
  • Some external hard drive enclosures are also compatible with internal hard drives.

What Are Other Features to Consider When Choosing a Hard Drive Enclosure or Dock for a PATA, IDE, or EIDE Hard Drive?

One thing to consider when choosing a hard drive docking station or enclosure is what it is made of.

  • Some are made of aluminum or steel, and some are primarily made of plastic. Aluminum and plastic enclosures are typically lightweight while steel enclosures tend to be somewhat heavier.
  • Another thing to consider is what type of USB connections it is compatible with. Ones with USB 2 or USB 3 connections typically allow you to have a higher MBPS or GBPS data transfer rate.
  • Another feature to keep in mind is a stand. Some hard drive enclosures and docks come with stands or have built-in stands so you can keep them beside your computer for easy access.
  • Another thing to consider is whether they are USB powered or if they require an external power source.