Over 200 Horsepower Complete Outboard Engines

Take your boating speeds to higher levels on the wings of a high-performance marine outboard engine. Featuring system kinetic energy levels that exceed 200 horsepower, performance engines perform well whether you are on a river or on the open ocean. This makes them useful for personal, business, or pleasure needs.

What type of battery do high-performance outboard motors need?

The performance of a given battery depends on the specifications and needs of the particular outboard motor that it energizes. If you plan on acquiring a large model, you should consider using a deep-cycle marine battery.

Marine deep-cycle cells bring some important benefits to the table. For one thing, they can supply boat-starters with lower amounts of current for longer time periods. Plus, deep-cycle cells are rechargeable. You can charge and discharge deep-cycle batteries many times, without experiencing a gradual loss of capacities. This is a highly durable feature.

What precautions should you take in cold weather?

Leaving your high-performance outboard outside in freezing temperatures poses certain dangers to its ongoing health. The main danger is ice, and you should take solid steps to keep ice from collecting in vulnerable engine areas. You can either submerge or remove the engine or gear area from water when freezing conditions take hold.

Do you need special fuels for high-performance boat engines?

Sometimes. You should always consult the owners manual that comes with your vessel. These manuals contain information about the specific fuel needs of your watercraft, including the octane grade necessary for smooth functioning.

Boats can sit unused for weeks or months at a time in the off-season, and this gives some fuels a chance to spoil. Fouled fuels can clog up your fuel delivery lines and your cylinders, but you can prevent this from happening by either draining your tanks or using an approved fuel-stabilizing formula.

What engine types can you find for these outboards?

High-performance marine power plants come in two basic cylinder types, including 2-cycle and 4-cycle. These engines have different operational needs and bring different strengths to bear. Which outboard you eventually use depends on your specific needs, goals, and the type of vessel you skipper.

Will you need a kicker motor for your watercraft?

Kicker motors are small, low-energy thrusters that you can use when your main outboard is too powerful for the conditions, when you damage your main outboard motor, or when you simply do not need it. If you purchase a heavier motor and you plan on mounting it on a larger, heavier craft, you should look into acquiring a high-performance outboard with a kicker attached.