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Oil Filters for Lexus IS250

The Lexus IS250 is a premium luxury vehicle available in colors like silver, black, and red, but if you want to keep this luxury model running properly, youll need a reliable oil filter. Oil filters for the Lexus IS250 sedan are an essential part of your engines system. Without a filter, tiny particles would get into your engine and wear down the various components over time.

How do you change an oil filter?

If you choose to change you own oil filter, you will want to have a socket set and a drip pan to get the job done. To get started, open the hood of the Lexus and then locate the oil drain plug under the vehicle. Once the oil has drained completely, you can then change the filter. This is done by going under the car and removing the drain cap. A nipple should then be used to drain the oil out of the filter. When the oil is out, you can then remove the filter, replace it, and then reverse the instructions to ensure the drain cap is in place again. Be sure not to tighten anything too tightly as you can break a cap or crack the assembly.

How often should oil filters be changed?

Your Lexus has a set vehicle maintenance schedule that you should follow. It is recommended that you change the oil every 100,000 miles when using Ow-20 synthetic oil and regularly check and top the oil off as needed between changes. Each time you change the oil, you should change the filter at the same time. Not all vehicles have the same engine, so you should refer to your owners manual for the schedule as well as the type of oil that should be used.

What is an OEM factory filter?

OEM factory filters are created by the manufacturer who makes the filters for the factory and the dealerships. You can be sure youre getting a quality filter that will fit your IS250 by buying OEM. Another option is to go with aftermarket brands, which include all of the other manufacturers available on the market. They will work just as well as the OEM factory filters as long as they are specified for your specific vehicle.

What is included in an oil filter kit?

There are various kits that will provide you with everything needed to complete an oil filter change on your Lexus. The components included may vary but will generally include several key items, including:

  • Oil filter
  • Drain plug gasket
  • Nipple to drain the oil from the filter