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Office Furniture

From your basic home office to a corporate building, high-quality furniture adds that extra touch. Chairs, desks, cabinets, tables, network and server items, and workbenches are all examples of furniture you may need to keep your business running smoothly. Here is a guide to helping you find the right office furniture for you.

How do you determine your ideal desk?

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right office furniture. When choosing your desk:

  • Test the height: Take a seat or stand where youll be during the day. Move your arms into a 90-degree angle, keeping the upper arms in line. If you can rest the hands on the furniture, this is a proper height.
  • Consider the size: Take into consideration the size of your office as well as the size of the furniture. You want to have enough room to move around the office while having enough space on the surface for your needs.
  • Determine your needs: Look for items that meet your requirements, such as built-in shelves and cabinets. There are even some pieces with built-in methods of hiding wires.
How do you pick an office chair?

Your seating arrangements should be a source of comfort rather than pain. Features of your office chair should include:

  • Backrest: The key to preventing back pain is proper support. Your backrest should naturally fit the shape of your spine. The fabric should be sturdy yet breathable. Consider lumbar support if you have an impaired or injured back.
  • Armrest: Arm height should be tall enough to keep your arms at a 90-degree angle and your shoulders relaxed while working.
  • Adjustment capability: If you share furniture with a fellow employee, make sure you can adjust the settings so that youre not suddenly too high or low.
  • Swivel base: This optional accessory allows you to turn around easily.
What types of filing cabinets are available?

You can have filing cabinets built into your desk, standing cabinets, or heavy-duty and fire-resistant locking cabinets. Consider the size of your business, future growth plans, and security of your items. Paperwork such as applications, taxes, health insurance documents, and copies of pay stubs should be locked away for security. Other items, such as copies of orders, shipping confirmations, and miscellaneous paperwork can go in a standard standing cabinet. Built-in cabinets are useful for blank copies of items you use on a regular basis.