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Office Time Clocks

A time clock in the office is a necessary system to process payroll for employees. You need a system that will make it easy for people to clock in and out. With so many models out there, you can reduce calculation errors and provide a better attendance system.

What is a time clock?

A time clock is a clock that allows you to record the time in and time out of every employee. Depending on the system, there will be a timecard for everyone to use. Digital models will also allow you to have more controls. This is why its important to look at the models before choosing a time clock system.

  • Timecard: Each employee will punch the time in and time out on the card.
  • Biometric: A fingerprint or other method is used for each employee to be identified by the time clock.
  • Employee number: An employee enters their employee number and the clock will track their hours until they sign out.
How is work time calculated?

Work time is calculated based on when a person starts and ends. Some states have rules in terms of whether they have to clock out for a 15-minute break or a 30-minute lunch. Further, there might be the need to pay overtime after 8 hours in a day or 40 hours in a week. The actual calculations vary based on the time clock in place.

  • Manual: The paper time cards are collected and time is manually processed.
  • Electronic: The computer does the calculations for you.
What features help with payroll processing?

There are all sorts of different features available in a time clock that will help you process payroll. It will prevent errors in calculating hours and take less of your time.

  • Biometric fingerprint: You avoid employees clocking in and out for each other.
  • USB Connect: The payroll will connect to the computer in order to send all of the hours over.
  • Error messages: If an employee had an incomplete time recording, you will be alerted to avoid payroll errors.
  • Back-up battery: If the power goes out, the payroll clock will continue to work.
  • Reports: Run payroll reports mid-week to stay up on labor and attendance records.
How do you shop for an employee time clock?

When youre ready to buy a system to help with payroll, its important to look at how youre going to record employee time. Whether you want an app that connects to the time clock or you want a biometric reading instead of a punch card, you will be able to find it. There are simply a few things to look at when choosing a time clock system.

  • Manual or digital: Look to see how you will process the time cards.
  • Number of employees: Some systems are only designed to hold a certain number of employees data inside.
  • Use of app: Find out if there is an app that will connect to the employee time clock.
  • Features: Read through the description to see what features are included in the system to help you with calculating time.