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Printing Solutions Using Laser Printers from OKI Data

There are many situations where you may need to regularly print large numbers of documents, such as printing invitations, notes on a presentation, or pages of a manuscripts. Laser printers use toner and a laser to put your digital information on a physical sheet of paper. OKI has continuously improved laser printing technology to quickly and accurately print all of your documents and photographs.

What is a laser printer and how does it work?

Laser printers work very similar to photocopiers. Your computer or tablet sends the electronic data to the printer. An electronic circuit takes the data and formats it so that it can be printed. A laser beam, which is essentially a beam of light, runs back and forth across a drum to build up static electricity. The electricity then attracts toner, which is a powdered ink. Finally, a fuser unit bonds the ink to a sheet of paper.

What types of laser printers are there?

There are two types of laser printers designed for printing documents and photographs:

  • Monochrome printers: These laser printers can print documents or photos in black, white, and shades of gray.
  • Color printers: These laser printers are capable of using colored toner to print documents in color. They usually combine cyan, magenta, yellow, and black ink to print almost any type of color imaginable.
What should be considered when looking for laser printers?

There are several things you may want to consider when looking for a laser printer:

  • Color: Monochrome printing devices generally print documents at a faster speed than color, so if you only need to print in black or grayscale, this may be appropriate for your needs. You may need a laser printer that is capable of printing in color if you want to print high-quality color photographs or charts.
  • Number of users: Depending on the model, some printing devices allow up to 30 users to access it. On the other hand, other models may only allow up to five users to have access to the device.
  • Printer speed: The speed a machine can print at is defined by pages per minute, or ppm. Smaller machines can print about 27 pages per minute while larger machines may be able to print up to 55 pages per minute. If you need to print large-sized documents regularly, you may want a faster machine that can finish the job more quickly.
  • Maximum paper capacity: This determines how many sheets of paper the printer can hold. Most machines are capable of holding anywhere from 750 pages to 3,160 pages. The more pages the device can hold, the less often you will need to refill it.
  • Monthly print volume: The monthly print volume is the number of pages per month the manufacturer recommends to keep the machine in optimal condition. This ranges from about 3,000 pages for smaller machines to about 30,000 for the larger machines.
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