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Nissan Car and Truck Emission System

Maintain the power, performance, and fuel efficiency of your Nissan vehicle with an effective emission system. Nissan emission network parts cover cars, trucks, and other Nissan vehicles. Plus, Nissan sensors, valves, and converters help to keep your vehicle running clean.

What are some major emission system parts you may require?

The emission system on your vehicle consists of dozens of separate parts that must work together in concert to keep dangerous gases out of the atmosphere. Some common parts include these:

  • Mufflers - Mufflers keep loud sounds properly deadened. In general, they perform their duties by interrupting and reducing the impact of sound waves produced during combustion. These parts come in many designs, each with their own purpose. Common models include straight-through and reverse-flow designs.
  • Tailpipe - This part delivers gases from the exhaust manifold to the catalytic converter for processing and venting. Tailpipes come in endless varieties, and it is important to match the right pipe with the right car trim.
  • Positive Crankcase Ventilation Valve - As fuel burns, many corrosive gases find their way into the crankcase. Left to their own devices, these fumes could cause a lot of damage. The PCV gate vents these gases out of the engine-block and back into the cylinders for re-processing. This improves your performance and mileage while increasing durability.
  • Exhaust Gas Recirculation - Much like the PCV gate, this part of the system recirculates exhaust gases back into the cylinders. Initially, the EGR valve sends its gases back into the intake manifold. Once there, they lower operating temperatures and reduce harmful emissions.
  • Catalytic Converter - Converters contain catalysts that react with exhaust gases and deactivate many of their harmful chemical components.
Should you take your check engine light seriously?

Yes. The check engine light provides basic warnings that alert you to possible emission system issues. To deactivate it and find the underlying issues youll need to use special OBD-II readers. These tools display codes that correspond to specific issues. By running the engine while the diagnostic tool does its magic, youll be able to find the proper codes and trace the problem back to its source. To give you an idea of some common problems, consider this list of the top four emission system issues:

  • Damaged gas caps
  • Failing catalytic converter
  • Weak spark plug wire
  • Faulty O2 sensor
What should you know about the EVAP system?

Evaporation control systems keep harmful vapors from evaporating out of your tank and into the open atmosphere. The basic parts of EVAP systems include the following:

  • Air-tight fuel caps
  • Purge control gates
  • Tank vent hoses
  • EVAP containers
  • Purge hoses