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What to Look for in a Nikon Underwater Camera

Whether you are going snorkeling in the ocean or are swimming in your neighborhood pool, an underwater digital camera, like those from Nikon, allows you to shoot photos and videos in situations you normally would not be able to. These waterproof devices can come with a variety of different screen sizes that range from 1.5 inches to more than 3 inches. They can also be equipped with optical zoom amounts that extend from 3x magnification to more than 60x magnification.

How do you select a digital camera?

When you are searching for a camera, there are a large number of factors that can go into making a decision. Consider these guidelines to help with your search.

  • Select a series: Many different series of devices are available from Nikon; each has a different feature set.
  • Choose megapixel amount: This can range from a few megapixels to upward of 20.
  • Consider additional features: Options here include memory capacity and Wi-Fi accessibility.
What are some colors available with these cameras?

These devices can be found in a large variety of color options, the most prominent of which are black and silver. Some of the additional colors available with these units include blue, green, orange, red, and yellow. A number of these devices can also be selected in multiple colors with such combinations as camouflage and yellow and black.

What are some features available with underwater digital cameras?

An underwater digital camera can be equipped with a variety of features like weather sealant that keeps the interior of the device from becoming wet when underwater. Some of these devices are outfitted with an underwater housing that is situated on the exterior of the unit. These systems come with depth ratings that measure how deep underwater you can go with the camera. These depth ratings can extend from 10 to 200 feet. Standard camera features like 1080p video recording, Bluetooth functionality, autofocus system, and interval shooting mode are also equipped on many underwater cameras.

How do you clean the sensor of a camera?

To clean the sensor, start by removing the lens. You can tell it needs cleaning if you see dust when looking through the viewfinder but do not notice any issues when the photos have been taken. Once open properly, use a dust blower to remove any dust or dirt and then put the lens back into place. Superficial stains and debris can be removed with a damp cloth if needed.