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Nikon Camera Lenses

Nikon Camera Lenses

Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur one, you want the right lens to capture the perfect moment. Having a variety of lenses can help your photographs capture the moment clearly. Nikon offers a variety of lenses for a camera to help you capture a memorable shot.

How many lenses do you need?

The answer to this question really depends on what type of photography you do. If you plan to shoot a variety of subjects from people to flowers to scenic landscapes, you will need a variety of lenses for your camera. If your scope is very narrow, say you only plan to take close-up pictures of your child, then you only need a couple of quality lenses.

What type of Nikon lenses work for DSLR cameras?

Choosing the right lens can make all the difference in your photo quality. First, you will need to think about the images you are wanting to capture with your camera. Do you plan to take photos of a sporting event where people will be moving quickly? Will you be shooting an evening wedding with very low light? Are you wanting to achieve a bokeh (soft focus) effect? The right NIKKOR lens can help you achieve your image goals. When buying a Nikon NIKKOR lens, make sure to look for options such as aperture, maximum aperture, VR, DX, or FX. Also, consider focal length.

What are the available lens types?

Listed below are some of the main Nikon lenses that can help you meet your photography needs:

  • Kit lens: Your Nikon camera likely came with a basic 18-55mm lens
  • 50mm prime lens AF-S: This Nikon AF-S lens is used by amateur or intermediate DSLR photographers for portraits and action photography.
  • Macro zoom: A Nikon macro zoom is made for shooting wildlife, nature, sports, and portraits photography. It can shoot objects up close and from far away.
  • Telephoto: If you want to get images of subjects that are far away, choose a Nikon NIKKOR telephoto lens. These lenses can take very detailed pictures from a great distance such as when shooting wildlife and nature.
  • Ultra wide-angle: If you are aiming to shoot large landscapes, buildings, or interiors, an ultra wide-angle Nikon lens has the depth of field to allow you to capture images that are very large.
What is focal length?

Focal length is the area that the lens can focus on for a photo. A prime lens is a fixed lens that does not zoom. It will have a single focal length. A lens with a range of focal length is a zoom lens.

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