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Toyota FJ Cruiser Nerf Bars and Running Boards

Enhance the look of your Toyota FJ Cruiser and improve safety with nerf bars and running boards. These handy accessories prevent slippage when you board or exit your Toyota and contribute a handsome accent to your trim.

Does billet mean a higher capacity?

Billet describes any nerf bar or running board cut primarily from one piece of material. This means the product is, for the most part, one piece. Billet aluminum is most common. Some nerf bars and running boards consist of multiple pieces. Multi-piece products arent weaker; their construction is simply different, entailing a different manufacturing process.

Regardless of one-piece or multi-piece construction, the range of capacities for nerf bars and running boards ranges from 300 to 400 pounds.

What size is compatible with the Toyota FJ Cruiser?

The Toyota FJ Cruiser accommodates running boards and nerf bars of all shapes and sizes. Diameters and widths range from two to six inches. Your choices in lengths include cab length and wheel-to-wheel. Cab length, which spans your vehicles cab, appears most frequently on SUVs like the Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Pickup truck owners typically opt for wheel-to-wheel. This length spans the entire side of a truck from the back of the front wheel to the front of the back wheel, encompassing the truck bed. Longer nerf bars and running boards are more likely to be one or two pieces.

What types of side steps can you install?

You can install side steps that are compatible with your Toyota FJ Cruiser. There are round, square, and Y-shaped steps called "beaver steps" to choose from. You can hitch-mount them or mount them directly beneath your cab. Some nerf bars and running boards include attached side steps that offer an actual place to insert your foot for enhanced stability as you enter and exit your Toyota FJ Cruiser.

Does anodized aluminum resist severe weather?

Indeed, anodized resists severe weather. However, this is a standard benefit of all nerf bars and running boards. Anodized indicates a ridged finish that increases traction and grip. Other highly durable, weather- and corrosion-resistant materials for running boards and nerf bars include the following:

  • Alloys
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Stainless steel
  • Carbon steel (aka mild steel)
Are there finishes besides anodized?

There are running boards and nerf bars available in a wide array of finishes. Each finish provides aesthetic enhancement as well as texture that creates friction and prevents slippage. Finishes ensure that your running boards and nerf bars remain safe to put your feet on during rain, sleet, extreme cold, and ice. Finishes vary seasonally, but here are a few examples to consider, which are listed here:

  • Brushed
  • Polished stainless steel (usually accented with rubber)
  • Diamond plate
  • Powder-coated
  • Black