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Nerf Bars and Running Boards for Saturn Outlook

The Saturn Outlook is a full-size SUV that sits higher off of the ground than a regular car or smaller SUV. Many owners have added running boards or Nerf bars to help them get in and out of these vehicles. In some cases, Nerf bars and running boards for Saturn Outlook SUVs, such as Westin and Dee products, are used as fashion accessories to accentuate the appearance of the vehicle.

What are running boards and Nerf bars?

The running boards and Nerf bars serve the same basic purpose, but they are made differently.

  • Running boards are typically made out of hard plastic or steel. There is a narrow strip built into the top that is used as a step to put your foot on, so you can lift yourself up or down while getting in or out of the SUV. The step is typically covered with a non-slip material, so you don’t have to worry about slipping off of the board if it rains or snows. Some types of running boards use aluminum baseboards to add strength to the board to handle heavy loads and usage.
  • Nerf bars, on the other hand, are made out of metal tubing and are a little bigger and stronger than running boards. Nerf bars are useful to protect the sides and the frame of trucks for those who like to take their Saturn Outlook off-roading. The bars use rubber pads to step on, so you don’t slip. You can get replacement pads if you need to replace one at any time.
Can a running board or Nerf bar fit any SUV?

No, you need to get a running board or Nerf bar made to fit between the front and back wheel wells of your Saturn Outlook. The space between wheel wells varies in different makes and models of vehicles depending on the manufacturer and the year the vehicle was made. You need to make sure you have a running board or Nerf bar specifically made to fit properly in the space between the wheel wells of your Saturn Outlook, or you may not be able to install it properly.

How do you install the boards and bars?

Installing running boards or Nerf bars is not very difficult, and many Saturn Outlook owners should be able to do it by themselves. The only tools you’ll need are a ratchet and socket set and an open-ended wrench set. New and refurbished running boards and Nerf bars will come in a package. The package will come with four mounting brackets, two for each side, the running boards or Nerf bars, hardware, and any added accessories. The bolts for the brackets go through mounting holes pre-drilled in the frame of the Saturn Outlook and are tightened down with a nut. Mount the brackets to the Saturn, and attach the board or bar to the brackets. There will be a set of directions in the packaging to explain each process in detail.

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