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Nissan Frontier Nerf Bars and Running Boards

Give yourself a leg up into your Nissan Frontier with your choice of nerf bars and running boards. Choose from an assortment of materials, finishes, and sizes according to your tastes and Nissan Frontier trim.

What gives Nissan Frontier nerf bars and boards traction?

Textured surfaces enhance friction between the surfaces of nerf bars or running boards and the soles of your shoes. This texture may come from ridged rubber or plastic step pads. Other nerf bars and running boards are made of metal with a ridged top layer or a ridged finish, such as anonidized aluminum. Frequently, these ridged finishes also provide resistance to corrosion and the effects of extreme weather, such as condensation or the formation of slippery ice.

What is the size range for Nissan Frontier nerf bars?

Nerf bars and running boards come in diameters and widths of 2 to 6 inches. For lengths, there are cab-length nerf bars and running boards, and wheel-to-wheel models. Cab-length options span the seating area, or cab, of your Nissan Frontier.

Wheel-to-wheel nerf bars and running boards stretch from the front of your back wheel to the back of your front wheel. Depending on the length, nerf bars and running boards may be one piece or a solid product consisting of multiple pieces.

How do Nissan Frontier nerf bars and running boards mount?

It depends on the type of bar or board you purchase. Generally, most nerf bars and running boards come with mounting hardware for convenience. They entail installation that does not require any drilling. These types of nerf bars and running boards integrate into the design of your Nissan Frontier, usually with bar or board mounts that go over your Frontiers body mount bolt.

What finishes, colors, lighting, and capacities are there?

Capacities vary between products but 300 to 400 pounds is average for nerf bars and running boards. Finishes and colors change seasonally, with silver and black predominating. Silver finishes and colors are usually some form of aluminum, steel, or chrome. Molded ABS (thermoplastic) and powder-coated nerf bars and running boards are often black, with finishes and colors being one and the same.

Illumination is not the industry norm for bars and boards, but there are products boasting this wonderful feature. These bars and boards light up when you open your Nissan Frontier doors. Some models illuminate above the board whereas others illuminate below the board so that you can see the ground. Other models provide upward and downward illumination for optimal safety when youre exiting or boarding.

Are running side steps similar to boards?

Side steps offer the same benefit as running bars and boards, which is a safe, non-slip place for you to put your foot when climbing up into, or down out of, your truck. Side steps may be a feature of running bars and boards, or you can purchase side steps separately. Sold individually or in sets, side steps are square, circular, Y-shaped, or they resemble rectangular miniature steps. They may protrude perpendicularly from your Nissan Frontier or at a downward angle like stirrups. They come in various durable materials, which include the following:

  • Aluminum
  • Steel
  • Chrome
  • Alloys
  • ABS