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Motorcycle Rear and Brake Light Assemblies

To be safe on your motorcycle, you need more than just brake fluid and the right helmet; you also need to apply the right brake light assembly. When its time to enjoy the freedom of a motorcycle on a warm day, you can feel secure knowing that your rear and brake lights are working, letting drivers know your intentions on the road. If you need a replacement assembly for your motorcycles braking system, youll want to pick the right type of light for your needs.

What types of bulbs are available for the brake assemblies?
  • Halogen: These bulbs provide a lot of power and generate a large amount of heat.
  • LED: With a lifespan of roughly 60,000 hours, these rear brake bulbs may last longer than the rider of the motorcycle. They are both visually appealing as well as powerful.
  • Xenon: Also known as HID, or high-intensity lights, they use little energy once powered. They are extremely bright, making them ideal for night riding.
  • CCFL: Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting gives your lights a uniform look and is commonly used in cars.
What brands of assemblies are there for motorcycle lights?

The assemblies for your bikes brakes may come from the direct manufacturer, such as Harley-Davidson, Honda, or Yamaha. If you buy the assembly from your bikes manufacturer, youll know the specifications and materials are the same as when the vehicle was new. Aftermarket options may have different materials and slight differences in the specifications, but they are still designed to fit many bike models. The important thing to consider when picking the assembly is not the brand name, but how well the assembly fits your vehicle and performs the task.

Can an assemblys bulb type be changed?

A halogen bulb and an LED bulb can still be the same size but not be compatible with the same rear brake assembly. Before changing your motorcycles braking and light assembly, verify youre getting the correct type for your specific wiring and ballast. Using the wrong type of bulb in a brake assembly can cause some electrical issues, so you want to check your vehicles manual if in doubt of the specific style.

Are there specialty options for the motorcycle light assemblies?

Options for performance bikes include rear brake assemblies that produce a slight "smoke" effect when you apply the rear brakes. This feature gives a slightly brighter glow, allowing others on the road to see you and your passenger while driving. These performance assemblies will often be LED, allowing others to see every light inside the brake assembly itself.