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Montana Silversmiths Jewelry

Montana Silversmiths jewelry comes in a variety of different designs and styles. Gemstones, patterns, and finishes make the company's pieces individual and authentic. The jewelry gets a Western spin with Montana Silversmith craftsmanship.

What styles of necklaces are available?

Montana Silversmiths necklaces come in all different types, including lots of chain varieties. Most of these pieces are made of silver.

  • Choker chains measure between 15 and 17 inches and may feature crosses made of different materials.
  • Princess-style chains are between 17 and 19 inches long and are made with turquoise, gemstones, pearls, and opals and offer design options including symbols, words, and mascots.
  • Matinee chains measure between 20 to 24 inches.
  • Opera chains are between 25 and 30 inches long.
  • Rope chains exceed 31 inches in length.
What types of bracelets does Montana Silversmiths make?

Montana Silversmiths offers bracelets that come in link, beaded, bangle, cuff, charm, and tennis styles. Some chunky cuff bracelets are crafted with a sizable gemstone in the middle and ornate silver work surrounding it in various patterns. Other cuffs feature different finishes in similar patterns including horses running across a horizon. Some link chains are more delicate in style and feature a single, smaller gemstone among a chain of silver.

What are some earring and ring options?

Montana Silversmiths ring and earring options are just as diverse as the brand's chains. Rings utilize symbols, designs, patterns, and materials including sterling silver, gold, black opaque finishes, and gemstones to create a variety of different styles. Earrings are frequently sold in sets with pendants and mirror the same patterns.

How do you care for Montana Silversmiths jewelry?

With a soft cotton cloth, wipe jewelry thoroughly and rub to shine. This will remove any dirt or debris from the piece. If jewelry cannot simply be rubbed clean, washing it is also an option. Do not wash the jewelry with cold or hot water. Combine lukewarm water with a gentle soap and utilize a soft cloth dipped in the mixture to rub jewelry clean. Dry with a soft cotton or microfiber cloth.

What are some trademark features of Montana Silversmiths Jewelry?

All pieces are Western-inspired. Montana Silversmiths makes frequent use of medallions, geometric patterns, intricate silverwork, and detailing on all necklaces, earrings, bangles, and rings. Silverwork jewelry pieces are decorative bracelets and necklaces made by a silversmith. Montana Silversmiths jewelry pieces are handcrafted. Sterling silver is a trademark of all pieces.