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Feel the Beat with a Monster Cable Subwoofer Cable

Do you have an audio system that seems to be missing a little certain "something"? In many audio situations, its the low-end frequencies that truly make music and other audio come alive. With the right subwoofer and a Monster Cable subwoofer cable, youll be on your way to truly discover your audio all over again.

What are some features of a Monster Cable subwoofer cable?

These cables are equipped with features to promote signal transfer, limit electronic interference, and provide a solid connection between components. They include:

  • Gold contacts: Monster subwoofer cables are equipped with 24k gold contacts on both ends of the cable to promote signal flow.
  • Shielding: These cables are equipped with shielding to help prevent electronic interference from other A/V system components. Electronic interference can reduce sound quality.
  • Split-end pins: Splits on the end of the contact pins allow for a slight expansion when the pin is in the component, helping to promote a tight connection.
  • Solid core: These Monster subwoofer cables are equipped with a solid core to transfer the bass signals over the cable.
How do you choose a Monster Cable subwoofer cable?

Whether youre an audiophile or a casual listener, its important to choose the correct Monster subwoofer cord to get the highest-quality sound for your needs. Here are some things to consider when searching:

  • Room size: Depending on your sound system setup, youll need to select a cable that will allow you to reach your subwoofer and still have some slack. Its a good idea to keep the cable a certain amount of feet to run as short as possible to help reduce interference.
  • Interference: If your sound system is located near a lot of other electronic components, or if youre in a building with a lot of electronic interference, select a cord that is equipped with enough shielding to reject as much of this interference as possible.
  • Cable shape: Monster subwoofer cords come in either round or flat varieties. If you need to run your cable along a baseboard or crown molding, a flat cord may be easier to disguise.
  • Cable color: These Monster subwoofer cords come in a few different colors. If part of the cord has to be visible, you can select a color that will blend in with its surroundings.
How do you maintain a Monster subwoofer cable?

To maintain the sound of your subwoofer, its important to look after your subwoofer cable:

  • Keep it straight: Check from time to time that no kinks have developed in your Monster subwoofer cord due to moved furniture or A/V components, as kinks can cause degradation of the various layers in your unit.
  • Keep it clean: Keeping your Monster subwoofer cable free from dust and debris will help the external jacket maintain its flexibility and help the interference rejection layers to better do their job.
  • Keep it dry: If your Monster subwoofer cord comes into contact with moisture for some reason, its a good idea to immediately unplug both ends, dry it off with a soft towel, and allow it to air dry completely before putting it back in service.
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