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Mitel VoIP Business Phone and IP PBX

Communicating With IP Phones

IP telephones are transforming the way offices communicate, opening up a world of opportunity when it comes to connectivity, call conferencing, and integration with other business systems. Mitel IP phones are simple to install, configure, and maintain while scaling up or down easily to suit the needs and demands of your current communication requirements.

What Is an IP Phone?

An IP phone is a telephone that enables the processing of voice communication over the Internet by converting analog voice signals into digital signals that you can transfer online.

  • IP phones, also known as Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephones, can be software-based "soft phones" or purpose built hardware devices that appear just like regular telephones with a desktop handset.
  • Because the entire communication process operates over the Internet, its possible to minimize the costs of infrastructure and network connections with a VoIP system.

What Are the Advantages of an IP Phone?

One of the main attractions of IP phones is the diversity of models that are available, including "soft phones" that run on your computer, voice-over Wi-Fi phones, soft clients on mobile phones, and hard desktop VoIP handset phone systems.

  • IP phones only require a single network to build and maintain, while analog phone systems require a separate network with telephone cables, in addition to the IP network for data.
  • They tend to be more mobile than analog phone systems, meaning users can move them from one desk to another around the office and still retain their extension.
  • VoIP phone systems are also a great option for video calling, with users able to incorporate their webcams into the system to see the other person while chatting over the phone. This also makes them sufficient for video conferencing with multiple participants.

What Should You Look for When Buying an IP Phone?

The right IP phone system for you depends on your individual requirements, or those of your office environment, and your existing setup.

  • Consider whether you want a single line or multi-line IP phone and how many calls you are typically handling at any one time. With single line phones, your caller will hear a busy tone when they are the second caller dialing in.
  • Check whether your office has one or two Ethernet ports, as this is what connects the phone to the data network. Two Ethernet ports allow your phone to share an Internet connection with your computer.
  • Full duplex IP telephones indicate that you can transfer data in two directions at once, while half-duplex systems can only send or receive data, but not at the same time.

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