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Car and Truck Exterior Mirrors for Jeep Renegades

Exterior mirrors for your Jeep Renegade are a safety essential. Some of these mirrors are electrically powered, allowing the driver to adjust them at the push of a button. Other mirrors allow for manual adjustment.

How do you choose an exterior mirror for a Renegade?

Before choosing an exterior mirror for your Renegade vehicle, make sure the mirror is compatible not just with the vehicles make and model but also its trim, year, and engine type. Some features to consider when buying an exterior mirror for this vehicle include the following:

  • Heat: Some side mirrors for the Renegade have a built-in defroster, making travel during cold days hassle free. A small symbol on the glass indicates this feature.
  • Casing: Side mirror casings for Renegade vehicles come in black, red, grey, and chrome.
  • Signal lights: Some exterior mirrors for the Jeep Renegade have built-in turn signal lights to provide extra visibility and warn adjacent drivers youre about to merge.
  • Puddle lights: These built-in mirror lights illuminate the ground when you open your door, providing extra safety at night.
  • Automatic dimming: Exterior mirrors for the Jeep Renegade vehicle sometimes come with glass that dims when exposed to bright light. This feature helps you see cars behind you when their headlights are on.
What types of glass do side mirrors contain?

Which side of your Jeep Renegade needs a mirror determines the type of glass it should have.

  • Convex: Passenger-side mirrors are typically convex models, which make objects appear more distant while covering a wider area.
  • Flat: Driver-side mirrors tend to be flat to provide an accurate view of the cars behind you. Some Jeep driver-side mirrors come with a small convex portion to provide a wider view as well.
Do Jeep exterior mirrors come with additional conveniences?

Some side mirrors for Jeeps come with additional safety and privacy features.

  • Tinting: Side mirror glass tinted in blue, brown, or grey conceals your face from other drivers, making the driving experience more comfortable.
  • Memory: Some side mirrors automatically adjust to match the drivers preferred angle, so you dont have to maneuver the glass precisely each time you want to drive. This feature comes in handy for people of varying heights who want to drive the same Jeep.
  • Telescoping: Some mirrors for Jeeps can be extended electronically to show you a wider view than normal. This feature is useful due to the Renegades large size and convenient when towing loads.