Mini SAS SFF-8087 Male to SATA Female Computer Drive Cables

How to Choose an SFF-8087 Mini SAS to SATA Adapter Cables

Mini SAS to SATA adapter cables are used to connect storage devices that use SATA connectors to an SCSI controller. Typically, these cables come with up to four SATA connector cables to allow multiple drives to be attached to a single SAS connector on an SCSI controller. This makes creating SCSI-controlled RAID systems convenient to setup if you have SATA hard drives.

What is an SFF-8087 or Mini SAS connector?

An SFF-8087 is the technical code for an internal Mini SAS connector. SAS stands for "Serial Attached SCSI." SCSI (often pronounced "scuzzy") stands for "Small Computer System Interface." SCSI is a high-speed data connection used to transfer data from a storage device like a hard drive to a computers CPU or to another storage device. SCSI controllers can be used to manage multiple hard drives, and they are often employed when creating RAID storage systems with a bank of hard drives on the same computer. A Mini SAS connector is used to connect a cable to an SFF-8087 controller inside the computer case rather than to an external controller port.

What are SATA connectors and SATA cables?

SATA stands for "Serial ATA" or "Serial Advanced Technology Attachment." It is a type of high-speed data transfer connection that is used mainly to connect mass storage devices like hard drives or optical drives to computer systems and to provide a way to read and write data. Serial ATA has gone through three backward-compatible versions that have transfer rates listed below.

  • SATA 1.0: 1.5Gbps
  • SATA 2.0: 3.0Gbps
  • SATA 3.0: 6.0Gbps
What internal Mini SAS to SATA adapter cables are available?

These cables have a couple of different features to consider when buying them to ensure that they match the equipment youll be connecting. Some of these features to consider are:

  • Number of serial ATA connectors: Most of these cables come with four serial ATA connectors but some have two serial ATA connectors. The cables you choose will determine how many SAS controller ports you will need to install the number of hard drives you want.
  • Data throughput: Cables are rated for a maximum data throughput, meaning the amount of data crossing the cable to or from any of the connected drives at any given moment. This is important to keep in mind when deciding which hard drives to connect to the same adapter cable.
  • SATA version: Check to see which version the connectors on the adapter are designed for to ensure they will not limit the transfer speed of your hard drives.