Mini SAS SFF-8087 Male Drive Cable

Buying Guide for Mini SAS SFF-8087 Male Drive Cable

Mini SAS SFF-8087 male drive cables, or internal Mini SAS 8087 male drive cables, allow you to move large amounts of data from your computer to a data storage disk or SAS backplanes at speeds of up to 12 gigabits per second (Gb/s). These SAS cables are available in a variety of colors and lengths. This product also uses a male SFF-8087 connector at both ends of the cable and is available unbranded and from a number of different brands.

What is SAS?

SAS stands for serial attached SCSI. It is a point-to-point protocol that involves moving data from computers to storage devices and vice versa. The SAS protocol also allows the optional compatibility with serial AT attachment (SATA) or computer bus interfaces. This protocol allows the connection of SATA drives to the majority of controllers and SAS backplanes.

What are the technical specifications of an SFF-8087 connector?

SFF-8087 is the codename of the SAS connector attached at both ends of this cable model. It is also known as the internal Mini SAS, internal mSAS, internal iSAS, and internal iPass. The product title may mention any of the four names previously listed. Below is some technical information in regards to the SFF-8087 connector.

  • Internal/external: Internal
  • Pins: 36
  • Number of devices/lanes: 4
  • Capability: 12 Gb/s
What does the product look like?

The product is a cable that can be of varying lengths. Typically, the cable length is available in between 18 inches and 3 feet in length. The product is usually black, white, or any solid color. At both ends of the cable is a male SFF-8087 connection interface. A male connector means that the interface will be protruding outward. The interface itself will have 36 pins.

What devices are compatible with this cable?

This mini SAS product will be compatible with a controller and a data unit that has a female SFF 8087 connector. You can inspect each of your devices to see if has the compatible interface by checking the number of pins and the pin configuration. A female SFF-8087 interface will accept a 36-pin male SFF-8087 connector. If you have both of these female connectors on your devices, then these mini SAS products are able to connect the two devices. This product does not require any tools for connection and will be able to transfer data without the need of any installation software or any other setup.