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Mini Desktop Computers Offer Great Power in a Small Package

Mini desktop PCs can give you a lot of power in a small package. Many of these PCs are capable of satisfying your advanced needs. They have the components, hardware, and software to allow for dedicated home or office use, and many of these new and used mini-computers for sale are available on eBay.

What are the technical specifications of mini desktop PCs?

The most important specifications regarding mini desktop PC prices are RAM (Random Access Memory), hard drive space, and processor. Mini desktop PCs vary by model, but various models have comparable, or better, specifications than larger desktop computer models. Physical size has little to do with the unit's capability. The following are examples of mini desktop PCs and their specifications:

  • Dell desktop PC: RAM - 4 GB, hard drive capacity - 500 GB, processor - Intel core 2 duo
  • Intel core 2 duo: RAM - 8 GB, hard drive capacity - 500 GB, processor - Intel core i5 2nd generation
  • Lenovo M93p PC desktop: RAM - 4 GB, hard drive capacity - 500 GB, processor - 4th-generation Intel core processor

Do mini desktop units have standard external ports?

Mini desktop PCs function like full-sized PCs. Depending on the model, they can have all of the same ports that other PCs have, like USB ports, keyboard and mouse ports, and an Ethernet port for wired internet connection.

They may also feature a port to enable you to attach a second monitor and a port for a headphone cord. Some may have a space for a microSD card as well. The amount and type of ports vary depending on the mini-computer model.

What accessories are needed in addition to the mini PC?

A keyboard, mouse, and monitor are needed to use these PCs. Some models found on eBay include all of these while others only include the PC itself.

They typically feature Wi-Fi capability but can also be connected directly to your modem through an Ethernet cable. The eBay descriptions should inform you as to what is included with each specific model.

Are mini desktop PCs compatible with traditional software?

These affordable mini desktop units are typically compatible with Microsoft Office and most other software that is meant for home or office use. Depending on the specific model that you buy, it can handle gaming software as well. Many of these models have the technical capability to run any program that you need.